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Summer 2020 Undergraduate Research Assistants

IPR 2020 Summer RAs
Student Faculty Sponsor Project


Zak Brustman
Class: 2022
Major(s): Psychology, Philosophy

Dr. Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
  • Fact checking a policy report created in cooperation with the Brookings Institution and AEI about childhood outcome equity


Lauren Chandler-Holtz
Class: 2022
Major(s): Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Beth Tipton
  • Developing and assessing methods for generating, synthesizing, and translating cluster-randomized trials in educational interventions


Alex Chang
Class: 2022
Major(s): Ethnic Studies

Dr. Gregory Phillips II
  • Analyzing health disparities among sexual and gender minority youth using data from the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey
  •  Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals with HIV and individuals who identify as sexual and/or gender minorities

Beatrice Chao

Beatrice Chao
Class: 2022

Dr. Larry Hedges


Ava Cheevers
Class: 2022
Major(s): Statistics and Economics

Dr. Andrew Papachristos  


Olivia Cohen
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy and International Studies

Dr. Sally Nuamah
  • The political consequences of punishing Black women and girls


Rui Du
Class: 2021
Major(s): Economics, Mathematics, MMSS

Dr. Mar Reguant
  • The Retirement of Coal Power Plants in the U.S.
Eman Ekhtar
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy and MMSS
Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale
  • NU Two-Generation Research Initiative

Rachel Fishman
Class: 2021
Major(s): History

Dr. Brayden King
  • Studying how corporations respond to controversial current events and social issues through overt corporate political action from 1995-2020

Hannah Klein
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy and International Studies

Dr. Ivuoma N. Onyeador
  • Bias Intolerance: Predicting condemnation of apologetic perpetrators of prejudice



Lola Knight
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy and Philosophy

Dr. Michelle Shumate
  • Researching collective impact, specifically emergent versus planned networks in leveraging community outcomes

Aneesh Kudaravalli
Class: 2021

Dr. Noshir Contractor  

Victoria Lee
Class: 2021
Major(s): Economics and Journalism

Dr. Hannes Schwandt


Leah McGruder
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Cynthia Coburn
  • The COHERE Project, studying coherence in math instruction from pre-K to second grade across schools in two districts by examining district-wide policies, teacher communities, teaching practices, etc.

Hee Moon
Class: 2022
Major(s): Biological Sciences and Psychology

Dr. Greg Miller

  • Stress, pregnancy and health study
  • Mentoring and health


Christy Parzyszek
Class: 2021
Major(s): Sociology and Environmental Science

Dr. Christine Percheski

  • Studying support in the adult sibling relationship, including financial and in-kind transfers
  • Examining PrEP access inequalities and how local health policies and infrastructure influence access
  • Researching the fertility of Mexican immigrant women 
Valeria Rodriguez
Class: 2023
Major(s): Social Policy
Dr. Ivuoma N. Onyeador
  • Evaluating how framing discrimination in terms of implicit vs. explicit bias affects the perception and punishment of the action

Annalisa Romanenko
Class: 2022
Major(s): Neuroscience and Psychology

Dr. Sandra Waxman
  • Investigating the development of stereotypes and social categories, such as race and gender, in young children


Alison Rosengren
Class: 2022
Major(s): Human Development and Psychological Services

Dr. Terri Sabol
  • Researching the implications of COVID-19 on the childcare system in Illinois

Hope Salvador
Class: 2022
Major(s): Human Development and Psychological Services, Psychology, and Global Health
Dr. Teresa Eckrich Sommer
  • Coding parent and child focus groups to see how the two generation approach impacts parents and their children

Noah Scantlebury
Class: 2022
Major(s): Political Science

Dr. Tabitha Bonilla
  • Evaluating the responsiveness of voters to campaign promises and other forms of political messaging in the United States

Michelle Sheinker
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy and Legal Studies, Psychology

Dr. Tabitha Bonilla
  • Researching the effects of campaign promises on voter perception and behavior, including coding primary debate rhetoric into distinct categories dating back to 1960, as well as analyzing Trump’s campaign promises of 2016 and discerning which were delivered on and why
Sachin Shukla
Class: 2021
Major(s): Viola Performance
Dr. Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
  • Researching effects of the Illinois state budget on Black Illinoisans
  • Researching the implications of noncognitive skills on outcomes for students

Ahmadu Simpson
Class: 2021
Major(s): Psychology

Dr. Edith Chen
  • Investigating the health effects of mentoring on both mentees and mentors, as well as the psychosocial pathways explaining these effects


Natalie Tomeh
Class: 2021
Major(s): Economics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences

Dr. Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
  • Using data from the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey to create an app in which users can compare rates of food insecurity across states and among racial/ethnic groups in each state


Nguyen (Johnny) Trinh
Class: 2021
Major(s): Mathematics, Economics

Dr. Bernard Black


Madison Tyrcha
Class: 2022
Major(s): Neuroscience

Dr. Steven Franconeri
  • Reviewing educational models of causation vs. correlation and working with a developing theory on training modules for distinguishing these two outcomes
  • Developing a chemistry-based educational project on visual representations of objects rotating using chemical molecules represented in different ways


Harry Xie
Class: 2022
Major(s): Political Science and Saxophone Performance

Dr. Burton Weisbrod
  • Researching the role of pay for performance in nonprofits and government


Antonia Young
Class: 2021
Major(s): Psychology

Dr. Molly Losh
  • Studying the use of pragmatic language in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as their first-degree relatives in structured and semi-structured social activities.  

Mariana Zarate
Class: 2022
Major(s):  Neuroscience and Global Health

Dr. Edith Chen