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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to more than one professor?

Yes, please feel free to apply to any of the IPR faculty fellows or associates who have research that interests you.

Do I need to provide an official transcript?

For the application process, an unofficial transcript will be fine.

Can I still participate in the program and work remotely if I will not be in Evanston this summer?

No, you should plan on working on campus for the length of the assignment. You should plan to work 35 hours per week for the 10-week period.

I have applied to several professors and they are not hiring an undergraduate research assistant this summer. What should I do now?

You should e-mail Cynthia Kendall ( your cover letter and resume. She will keep it on file for professors who might want to participate in the program but do not have any candidates.

Will training be provided?

Yes, we start the program with a two-day training program to provide you with skills that will help you be a successful research assistant.

Can you provide a list of professors who are hiring an RA this summer?

Sorry, we cannot. The period for faculty and undergraduate applications takes place at the same time. Professors submit their requests for RAs by the same deadline as students, March 28.