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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list more than one professor that I would like to work with?

Yes, it is fine to list more than one professor who has work that is of interest to you.

Do I need to include an official transcript?

A transcript is optional, but the professor may request one from you. Sending an unofficial transcript will be fine.

I have indicated several professors that I would like to work with in the online application and have not heard from any or have been told they are not hiring this year, what should I do now?

You should e-mail Cynthia Kendall ( If faculty are looking for candidates, she will direct them to any unmatched student applicants.

Will training be provided?

Yes, we start the program with a training program to provide you with skills that will help you be a successful research assistant.

Can you provide a list of professors who are hiring an RA this summer?

Sorry, we cannot. Professors are submitting their requests for RAs by the same deadline as students, March 19.