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SURA Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some common questions about IPR's summer undergraduate RA (SURA) program.

Is the program in person or remote?

Some positions are lab-based and require a physical presence whereas other positions may include work activities that do not require a physical presence on campus. It is up to each supervising faculty member to determine whether remote work is possible. Note that for positions that permit remote work, all remote work must occur in a U.S. location. Students cannot work remotely from outside the United States.

Can I list more than one professor that I would like to work with?

Yes, it is fine to list more than one professor who has work that is of interest to you.

Do I need to include an official transcript or submit a resume?

Uploading a transcript and/or a resume to your application are both optional parts of the application process. Professors may request an official transcript or resume later in the hiring process if you chose not to upload them with your initial application. Uploading an unofficial transcript is fine, and uploading a resume is highly recommended.

Will training be provided?

Yes, we start the program with a one-day training program that will provide you with some of the skills that will to help you be a successful research assistant.

Can you provide a list of professors who are hiring an RA this summer?

Sorry, we cannot. Professors are submitting their requests for RAs by the same deadline as students.

How competitive is this program?

The SURA program is fairly competitive; we typically have many more students applying than positions available.

When will I be notified? When is the latest that I should expect a response?

Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact date as faculty and students are being matched on a rolling basis between now and early June. In past years, we have seen that most matches take place between March and May. We will notify all unmatched students once all the positions are filled.

How does housing work? Would this have any connection to financial aid housing plans a student is on during the summer, or would this have to be a separate topic brought up with the financial aid office?

IPR does not provide housing, so all students participating in SURA will have to find their own housing over the summer. We are not aware of any connections to financial aid housing plans, so students will need to check with the financial aid office for further information.