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Summer 2017 Undergraduate Research Assistants

IPR 2017 Summer RAs
 Student                                    Faculty Sponsor              Project

Megana Audipudy

Class: 2018
Major(s): Industrial Engineering

Dr. Heather Schoenfeld
  • Collecting and analyzing data on incarceration reform in Pennsylvania to identify how key legislators and leaders have affected prison

Ryan Broll
Class: 2020
Major(s): Mathematics

Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale

Reena Burt
Class: 2020
Major(s): Social Policy and Economics

Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale


Alexander Dale
Class: 2019
Major(s): Political Science

Dr. Mary McGrath
  • Political partisanship and economic behavior

Elizabeth Diamond

Class: 2019
Major(s): Human Development and Psychological Services

Dr. Ellen Wartella
  • STEM media use in early childhood

William Fischer
Class: 2019
Major(s): Journalism

Dr. Amelie Petitclerc
  • Intergenerational transmission of antisocial behavior in children with previously incarcerated parents

  • Effects of cash transfers/income supplements for low-income families on long-term health and educational attainment

Tyler Goff

Class: 2017
Major(s): Economics and Mathematics

Dr. Burton Weisbrod
  •  The perils of pay-for-performance

Dorothy Hogg

Class: 2019
Major(s): Statistics and Geography

Dr. Julie Lee Merseth
  •  Racial profiling and immigrant mobilization 

Luke Jokerst
Class: 2019
Major(s): Biomedical Engineering and Psychology

Dr. Jennifer Tackett
  •  Personality Across Development Lab

Seung Ho (Daniel) Jung

Class: 2018
Major(s): Economics, Political Science, and Geography

Dr. Beth Redbird
  • I’m Talking to You: How Political Elites Talk About Economic Policy and What They Say

Ahmad Keshk
Class: 2020
Major(s): Political Science

Dr. Laurel Harbridge Yong
  • Passing the Buck: Gridlock in Congress

Joshua Koo

Class: 2019
Major(s): Computer Science

Dr. Bernard Black
  • Creating a database of economic and financial journals and a website to allow users to view, modify, and search that database

Carolina Laguna
Class: 2019
Major(s): Social Policy and Political Science

Dr. James Spillane
  • Educational policy and the organization of distributed leadership within schools

Seong Won Lee
Class: 2018
Major(s): Statistics

Dr. Larry Hedges

  • Meta-Analysis in Replication Studies

Jason Levin

Class: 2020
Major(s): Neuroscience

Dr. Claudia Haase
  • Emotion in Couples study

Kenneth Lim
Class: 2020
Major(s): Social Policy and Global Health

Dr. Emma Adam
  • Studying the effects of perceived racial discrimination on biological stress levels

Amy Lin
Class: 2018
Major(s): Biological Sciences

Dr. Ann Borders
  • Working with the Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative on supporting quality improvement initiatives for maternal and infant healthcare

Xinyi (Sunny) Liu

Class: 2017

Major(s): Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Economics, Statistics, and Mathematics

Dr. Terri Sabol
  • Studying how effectiveness of professional development programs in early education centers differ based on contexts in- and out-of-school contexts

Helen Lu

Class: 2020
Major(s): Learning and Organizational Change

Dr. Onnie Rogers
  • Intersectionality Literature Review project
  • Narrative Reliability project

Claudia Lundgren
Class: 2019

Dr. Greg Miller


James Malnati
Class: 2019
Major(s): English and Sociology

Dr. Gregory Phillips
  • IMPACT project with the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minorities Health and Wellbeing

Gloria Mao

Class: 2019
Major(s): Economics and Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences

Dr. Tabitha Bonilla and Dr. Mary McGrath
  • Political communication and candidate promises

  • The relationship between economic behavior and partisanship

Sumaia Masoom

Class: 2018
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Simone Ispa-Landa
  • Status Processes in Young Adult Peer Cultures: An In-Depth Examination of Sorority Women’s Recruitment War Stories

Peter Nam

Class: 2019
Major(s): Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Economics, and Computer Science

Dr. Matthew Notowidigdo
  • Writing R and Stata scripts to compile and visualize time series data on healthcare consumption in the United States

Isabel Olivos

Class: 2018
Major(s): Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences and Political Science

Dr. Quinn Mulroy
  • Chicago Democracy Project
  • Researching sororities' relationships with Title IX offices

Naomi Ostrander

Class: 2018
Major(s): Political Science and International Studies

Dr. James Druckman
  • Political campaigns on the internet

Isabella Pinerua

Class: 2018
Major(s): Mathematics and Latinx Studies

Dr. Cynthia Coburn
  • COHERE project examining math coherency and instruction from Pre-K to grade 3

Thomas Ritz
Class: 2019
Major(s): Legal Studies and Mathematics

Dr. Robert Nelson
  • "After the JD" project combining longitudinal survey data with interview data on the structure and statistics of the American legal profession

Ethan Roubenoff

Class: 2018
Major(s): Sociology and Computer Science

Dr. Thomas Ogorzalek
  • Developing a database for the Chicago Democracy Project 

Samuel Broughton Russell
Class: 2018
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Heather Schoenfeld
  • Studying legislative trends relating to mass incarceration in different states

Natalie Sands
Class: 2020

Dr. Tabitha Bonilla, Dr. Mary McGrath, and Dr. James Druckman


Hye Yoon Shin
Class: 2019
Major(s): Economics, Mathematics, Statistics

Dr. Bernard Black
  • Building a database of finance and accounting research for a project on the use of shock-based causal inference methods

Rebecca Sinard

Class: 2018
Major(s): Neuroscience and Psychology

Dr. Edith Chen
  • Family Asthma Study
  • Mentoring and Health Study

Ryan Stork

Class: 2018
Major(s): Statistics

Dr. Tabitha Bonilla
  • Efficacy of political promises
  • Pandering in campaign events

Matthew Tobia
Class: 2019
Major(s): Economics

Dr. Ana Arjona
  • Recruitment patterns of the Kosovo Liberation Army during the Kosovo War

Andrew Wayne

Class: 2020
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Michlle Shumate
  • ARO Project with the Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact 

Emma Zblewski

Class: 2018
Major(s): Anthropology

Dr. Gregory Phillips
  • Evaluation, Data Integration, and Technical Assistance (EDIT) team at the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing