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Summer 2019 Undergraduate Research Assistants

IPR 2019 Summer RAs
Student Faculty Sponsor Project
Eliana Buckner
Class: 2021
Major(s): Economics
Dr. Matthew Notowidigdo
  • Comparing the performance of Medicaid Managed Care health plans by evaluating health outcomes, spending, and plan utilization among low-income populations in South Carolina
chao Beatrice Chao
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy and Economics
Dr. Beth Tipton
  •  Developing and assessing methods for generating, synthesizing and translating cluster-randomized trial in educational interventions

Flannery Cusick
Class: 2021
Major(s): Art History and Political Science

Dr. Chloe Thurston
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of specific forces within the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s against the modern-day status of the towns these forces visited 

Cate Durudogan
Class: 2022
Major(s): Social Policy and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Dr. Michelle Birkett
  • Studying the social networks of LGBTQIA+ older adults in senior living 

Daniela Garcia
Class: 2021

Dr. Quinn Mulroy  


Bidemi Godo
Class: 2020
Major(s): Psychology

Dr. Amélie Petitclerc
  •  Researching the intergenerational continuity/discontinuity of anti-social behavior problems with the goal of identifying protective parenting behaviors among parents who were incarcerated when they were adolescents 

Siobhan Ihenacho
Class: 2021
Major(s): Psychology

Dr. Sylvia Perry
  • Focusing on research examining intergroup relations and social cognition
Faith Irvine
Class: 2021
Major(s): Media and Design
Dr. Sera Young  

Sally Kim
Class: 2022
Major(s): Economics and Statistics

Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale
  • NU Two-Generation Research Initiative

Alana Kosches
Class: 2022

Dr. Greg Miller




Yize Li
Class: 2020
Major(s): Material Science and Engineering

Dr. Burton Weisbrod  

David McCuskey
Class: 2020
Major(s): Global Health and Social Policy

Dr. Gregory Phillips  

Mary Okematti
Class: 2021
Major(s): Cognitive Science

Dr. Sandy Waxman
  • Studying brain activity in infants when they hear communicative tones, noncommunicative tones, lemur screeches, and infant-directed speech
  • Researching eye movements in infants when they receive new stimuli in various forms


Daniel Ross
Class: 2021
Major(s): Mathematical Methods and Economics

Dr. Terri Sabol

  • Researching how school ground quality and neighborhood contexts, such as crime and segregation, influence child outcomes

Kaitlyn Rubinstein
Class: 2012
Major(s): Sociology and International Studies
Dr. Beth Redbird
  • Tracking economic development on tribal reservations over time, examining constitutions of tribal nations for membership laws, and comparing constitutions of tribal nations

Leo Sainati
Class: 2021
Major(s): Social Policy and International Studies

Dr. Cynthia Coburn
  • The COHERE project: Studying coherence in math instruction from Pre-K to second grade across two school districts through pedagogy, district-wide policy, and teacher communities 

Natalie Sands
Class: 2020

Dr. James Druckman

Sally Shin
Class: 2020
Dr. Greg Miller

Wesley Shirola
Class: 2021
Major(s): Psychology

Dr. Robin Nusslock
  • Investigating the relationship between chronic stress and low-grade inflammation and the potential impact that that may have on the neural circuitry involved in threat and reward-related behavior

Ahmadu Simpson
Class: 2021
Major(s): Psychology

Dr. Edith Chen
  • Tracking the physical and psychological benefits of being in a mentor/mentee relationship 
Cassie Stevens
Class: 2020
Major(s): Neuroscience
Dr. Molly Losh
  •  Examining patterns of language use and visual attention in individuals with autism and their first-degree relatives

Caroline Werner
Class: 2020
Major(s): Social Policy and Political Science

Dr. Therese Sommer
  •  NU Two-Generation Research Initiative