Faculty Spotlights

Emma Adam

Stress and Health in the Real World | November 2013

Lori Beaman

Examining Mobility in Developing Countries | October 2015

Anthony Chen 

Clarifying Origins to Ratchet Down Debates | April 2014

Edith Chen

Connecting Social Environments to Health Disparities | November 2014

Mesmin Destin

Interventions Providing Motivation for Education | June 2015

James Druckman

A Scholar of Political Science and Purple Pride | September 2016

Alice Eagly

Pioneering Empirical Study of Gender Differences | March 2015

Joe Feinglass

IPR Associate Uses Science to Fight Health Inequities | September 2017

David Figlio

A Voice on Vouchers | May 2012

Daniel Galvin

Of Presidents and Parties | April 2013

Elizabeth Gerber

How a Collaborative Design Process Might Address Social Ills | December 2018

Jonathan Guryan

Seeking Alternative Ways to Examine Racial Inequality | July 2015

Claudia Haase

Capturing Human Development Across the Life Span | January 2017

Laurel Harbridge

Untangling Partisanship, Polarization, and Public Views | September 2014

Larry Hedges

Training a New Kind of Education Scientist | July 2014

Simone Ispa-Landa

Pinning Down Social Inequality and Exclusion | July 2016

Kirabo Jackson

Modeling Social Forces and Interactions | August 2013

Seema Jayachandran

IPR Economist Stays 'Grounded in the Real World' | February 2017

Cynthia Kinnan

Adding Rigor to Poverty Research | February 2018

Christopher Kuzawa

From Prehistoric Remains to Human Evolution | January 2014

Ofer Malamud

An International Perspective on Education | May 2018

Thomas McDade

The Eco-logics of Inflammation | January 2013

Mary McGrath

Examining Political Decision Making | November 2017

Rachel Davis Mersey

Reviving Journalism for 21st-century Readers | November 2015

Greg Miller

Examining the Link Between Socioeconomic Status and Health | December 2016

Matthew Notowidigdo

IPR Labor Economist Scrutinizes 'Overlooked' Niches in Economics | March 2016

Robin Nusslock

Probing the Edges of the Mind | December 2017

Andrew Papachristos

Networks Matter in Understanding Crime and Violence | July 2018

Mary Pattillo

Race and Inequalities in the City | January 2018

Christine Percheski

Sociological Focus Draws from Strong Social Justice Roots | February 2016

Lincoln Quillian

The Role of Place, Prejudice, and Perception | March 2014

Beth Redbird

Pursuing New Viewpoints in the Study of Inequality | June 2017

Jennifer Richeson

Understanding Stigma, Stereotypes, and Interracial Relations | March 2013

Rachel Beatty Riedl

African Politics Through a Comparative Lens | June 2016

Onnie Rogers

Examining How Children Form Their Identities | November 2016

James Rosenbaum

Redefining Research Goals, Designing Real-World Policy Solutions | January 2015

Terri Sabol

Rethinking Early Childhood Education | January 2019

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach 

From Econ 101 to Better Policies for Low-Income Children | February 2015

Heather Schoenfeld

Bringing Historical Perspective to Studies of Criminal Punishment | April 2017

Rebecca Seligman

Examining Mind-Body Interactions Across Cultures | May 2015

Beth Tipton

Finding a Calling in Social Statistics | February 2019

Wesley Skogan

IPR Political Scientist Studies Interface Between Police and Communities | October 2016

Bruce Spencer

Accurate Figures as a Force for Good | April 2016

Quincy Thomas Stewart

Dreaming of Data and Demographic Models to Study Inequities | October 2014

Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Illuminating Discussions of Inequality | June 2014

Sandra Waxman

Language, Cognition, and Our Understanding of the World | December 2013

Burton Weisbrod

A Pioneer of the Nonprofit Economy | March 2017

Sera Young

Zeroing in on the First 1,000 Days of Life | April 2018