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Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy

This broad multidisciplinary program traces how social, political, and institutional dynamics shape and constrain national policymaking in the United States and in comparison with other countries. Experts in political identity, public opinion, inequality, political parties, media, gender, and many others come together to debate and study political processes and institutions and their participants.

A Message From Daniel Galvin, Program Chair

Daniel Galvin

From the partisan divide on COVID-19 to systemic racial injustices to impediments to democratic participation, political institutions are being tested like never before. IPR faculty examine how political, social, and economic dynamics affect institutional operations and decision-making processes in the United States. Researchers analyze the interplay between political institutions, political behavior, and public policies.

Working Papers

Recently published articles and working papers in this program area include:

Benjamin Jones and Xiaojie Liu. 2022. A Framework for Economic Growth with Capital-Embodied Technical Change (WP-22-41).

Sheyu Li, Valentyn Litvin, and Charles F. Manski. 2022. Partial Identification of Personalized Treatment Response with Trial-Reported Analyses of Binary Subgroups (WP-22-40).

Alfredo Burlando, Pradeep Chintagunta, Jessica Goldberg, Melissa Graboyes, Peter Hangoma, Dean Karlan, Mario Macis, and Silvia Prina. 2022. Replication and Adaptation of Incentivized Peer Outreach: From Tuberculosis in India to COVID-19 in Zambia (WP-22-39).

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Faculty Experts

Representing the fields of political science, economics, social policy, psychology, and sociology, faculty delve into the worlds of politics, institutions, and policymaking.

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The Spillover Effects of Capital Trials on Prosecutorial Case Management

Alexander Lundberg, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and IPR Associate


IPR 2022 Midterm Elections Panel: Analysis and Discussion with IPR Faculty

Stephanie Edgerly, Professor of Journalism and Associate Dean of Research, Medill and IPR Associate

Laurel Harbridge-Yong, Associate Professor of Political Science and IPR Fellow

Erik Nisbet, the Owen L. Coon Endowed Professor of Policy Analysis and Communication and IPR Associate

Moderated by James Druckman, Payson S. Wilde Professor of Political Science and IPR Fellow


Special Lecture - Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling

Richard Reeves, the John C. and Nancy D. Whitehead Chair, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies, and Director of the Future of the Middle Class Initiative, Brookings Institution will give a special lecture detailing the struggle of the modern male.

Policy Brief: Discrimination in the Housing Market

Are government housing practices fair? After WWII, millions of Americans bought homes for the first time thanks to the standardization of 30-year mortgages. IPR political scientist Chloe Thurston explains how many minorities and women were shut out of the housing market due to discriminatory government policies and how they fought for homeownership through advocacy groups like the NAACP and NOW.

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