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Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies

The well-being of families and children is affected not just by what happens at home and work, in classrooms, and on playgrounds, but also by broader forces, such as federal and state policies and programs. IPR faculty in this area study how social, economic, and governmental contexts intertwine to affect family dynamics and outcomes—in particular, those of children and young adults.

A Message From Mesmin Destin, Program Chair

Mesmin Destin

This interdisciplinary program combines the interests of IPR faculty studying how social programs, policies, and contexts affect the lives of families and children. Drawing from the fields of human development and social policy, psychology, sociology, economics, and law, many faculty share common interests with scholars in IPR programs on Poverty, Race, and Inequality; Social Disparities and Health; and Education Policy—particularly in assessing the impact of public policies on America’s poor.

Working Papers

Recently published articles and working papers in this program area include:

David Autor, David Figlio, Krzysztof Karbownik, Jeffrey Roth, and Melanie Wasserman. 2020. Males at the Tails: How Socioeconomic Status Shapes the Gender Gap (WP-20-22).

Francisco Gallego, Ofer Malamud, and Cristian Pop-Eleches . 2020. Parental Monitoring and Children's Internet Use: The Role of Information, Control, and Cues (WP-20-19).

Francesco Agostinelli, Matthias Doepke, Giuseppe Sorrenti, and Fabrizio Zilibotti. 2020. It Takes a Village: The Economics of Parenting with Neighborhood and Peer Effects (WP-20-15).

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Faculty Experts

Faculty come from the fields of economics, sociology, communication, African American studies, education and social policy, and others.

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The Social Safety Net in the Wake of COVID-19

by Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Margaret Walker Alexander Professor and IPR Director and Fellow

2Gen Education Programs for Parents and Children

by Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Frances Willard Professor of Human Development and Social Policy and IPR Fellow, and Teresa Eckrich Sommer, IPR Research Professor

Policy Study: Neighborhood Social Conditions, Family Relationships, and Childhood Asthma

Positive family relationships might help youth to maintain good asthma management behaviors even in the face of difficult neighborhood conditions, according to a new study led by IPR health psychologist Edith Chen.

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