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Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies

The wellbeing of families and children is affected not just by what happens at home and work, in classrooms, and on playgrounds, but also by broader forces, such as federal and state policies and programs. IPR faculty in this area study how social, economic, and governmental contexts intertwine to affect family dynamics and outcomes—in particular, those of children and young adults.

A Message From Mesmin Destin, Program Chair

Mesmin Destin

This interdisciplinary program combines the interests of IPR faculty studying how social programs, policies, and contexts affect the lives of families and children. Drawing from the fields of human development and social policy, psychology, sociology, economics, and law, many faculty share common interests with scholars in IPR programs on Poverty, Race, and Inequality; Social Disparities and Health; and Education Policy—particularly in assessing the impact of public policies on America’s poor.

Working Papers

Recently published articles and working papers in this program area include:

Iris Arbogast, Anna Chorniy, and Janet Currie. 2022. Administrative Burdens and Child Medicaid Enrollments (WP-22-49).

Martha Bailey, Janet Currie, and Hannes Schwandt. 2022. The COVID-19 Baby Bump: The Unexpected Increase in U.S. Fertility Rates in Response to the Pandemic (WP-22-43).

Jessica Polos, Stephanie Koning, Taylor Hargrove, Kiarri Kershaw, and Thomas McDade. 2022. Structural Racism in School Contexts and Adolescent Depression: Development of New Indices for the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health and Beyond (WP-22-26).

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Faculty Experts

Faculty come from the fields of economics, sociology, communication, African American studies, education and social policy, and others.

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IPR Winter 2023 Distinguished Lecture: Creating Equality of Opportunity in America: New Insights from Big Data

Raj Chetty, the William A. Ackman Professor of Public Economics and Director of Opportunity Insights at Harvard University

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Children and Adolescents and How Are They Recovering?

  • Emma Adam, Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, and Director of the COAST (Contexts of Adolescent Stress and Thriving) Lab
  • Jonathan Guryan, Lawyer Taylor Professor of Education and Social Policy, IPR Fellow, and Chair of IPR's Program on Education Policy
  • Terri Sabol, Associate Professor of Human Development and Social Policy and IPR Fellow, and Director of the Development, Early Education, and Policy (DEEP) Lab
  • Moderated by Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, IPR Director and Margaret Walker Alexander Professor of Human Development and Social Policy

Policy Study: Hospital Visits by Illinois Youth for Anxiety and Depression

Children and adolescents are visiting hospital emergency departments (EDs) for serious behavioral, mental, and mood disorders in increasing numbers. Those diagnosed with anxiety or depression are frequently hospitalized. Who is going to EDs for help and who is being hospitalized in Illinois? IPR associates Joe Feinglass, a community health scholar, and Matthew Davis, a pediatrician, investigate with their colleagues.

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