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Postdoctoral Fellows

IPR faculty recognize that working with scholars from outside of the University enriches their research and are also committed to the training of future scholars and benefit from the help of professional staff.

2019–20 Postdoctoral Fellows

IPR postdoctoral fellows work closely with IPR faculty on research projects of common interest. IPR offers the IES postdoctoral training program for those interested in education research and methodology.

2019-2020 Postdoctoral fellows
Fellow Research Project IPR Adviser(s)
Katie Coburn Larry Hedges
Eric Finegood Foundations of Health
Research Center
Greg Miller
Alexa Freedman Foundations of Health
Research Center
Greg Miller
Stephanie Koning Thomas McDade
Joe Lau Sandra Waxman
Elena Luchinka Sandra Waxman
James Murphy Andy Papachristos
Miriam Novack Sandra Waxman
Jacob Schauer Statistics for Evidence-Based
Policy & Practice
Larry Hedges
Lauren Tighe Teresa Sommer
George Wood Northwestern Neighborhood
& Network (N3) Initiative
Andy Papachristos