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Jacob Schauer

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Statistics, Northwestern University, 2018


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Working with IPR statistician and education researcher Larry Hedges, Schauer develops statistical methods for the social and health sciences. His research interests include methods for studying replication, modern advances in meta-analysis, approaches to missing data, and data privacy.

Hedges, L. V., and J. Schauer. 2019. Consistency of effects is important in replication: Rejoinder to Mathur and VanderWeele. Psychological Methods 24(5): 57677.

Hedges, L. V., and J. Schauer. 2018. Statistical analyses for studying replication: Meta-analytic perspectives. Psychological Methods 24(5): 55770.

Hedges, L. V., and J. Schauer. (2019). More than one replication study is needed for unambiguous tests of replication. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 44(5), 543–70.

Hedges, L. V., and J. Schauer. 2018. Randomised trials in education in the USA. Educational Research 60(3): 26575.