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Tao Jiang

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Social Psychology, The Ohio State University, 2022




As an IPR Postdoctoral Fellow, Tao Jiang works with IPR health psychologists Edith Chen and Greg Miller in the Foundations of Health Research Center at Northwestern University. Tao’s research focuses on how social relationships influence people’s mental and physical health through psychological and immunological processes. He also has parallel interests in the statistical modeling of dyadic and time-intensive longitudinal data. He earned his Ph.D. in social psychology from The Ohio State University in 2022.

Selected Publications

Jiang, T., A. Canevello, and J. Crocker. 2022. How relationships foster growth: Compassionate goals predict growth-seeking through perceived available support independent of relationship security. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Jiang, T., S. Yakin, J. Crocker, and B. Way. 2022. Perceived social support-giving moderates the association between social relationships and interleukin-6 in blood. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 100:  25–28.

Coutts, J., A. Hayes, and T. Jiang. 2019. Easy statistical mediation analysis with distinguishable dyadic data. Journal of Communication 69(6): 612–49.