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Doron Shiffer-Sebba

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Sociology, University of Pennsylvania


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Twitter: @dshiffer

Doron Shiffer-Sebba's research lies at the intersection of family, organizations, and wealth, with a secondary interest in computational methods. His current projects include the function of extended families (or “clans”) in patterns of wealth distribution, the community characteristics of tax haven users named in the Panama Papers, and the development of computer vision tools for the study of social inequality.

Doron completed his PhD in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied how relationships between professionals and extended family members sustain intergenerational wealth. Using the context of family offices, which manage the finances of wealthy families, Doron researched the role of family bureaucratization, demographic events, and professional networks in dictating the fate of elite family fortunes. His work was awarded the American Sociological Association's Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility Graduate Paper Award (2021).

Selected Publications

Yaish, M., D. Shiffer-Sebba, L. Gabay-Egozi, and H. Park. 2021. Intergenerational educational mobility and life course income in the U.S. Social Forces 100(2): 765-93.

Shiffer-Sebba, D., and H. Park. 2021. U.S. baby boomers’ homeownership trajectories over the life courseDemographic Research. 44(43): 1057-72.

Shiffer-Sebba, D. and J. Behrman. 2021. Gender and wealth in demographic research: A research note on a new method and application. Population Research and Policy Review 40(4): 643-59.

Shiffer-Sebba, D. 2020. Understanding the divergent logics of landlords: Circumstantial versus deliberate pathways. City & Community 19(4): 1011-37.