Education Policy

How do smaller classes and better teachers affect student achievement and outcomes? Does having a college education mean that a person will live longer and in better health? Which education interventions are most effective in terms of costs and achievement? These are just some of the issues that IPR education policy researchers address in their quest to create a larger pool of rigorous research and policy-relevant solutions for the pressing problems in education faced by teachers, students, parents, taxpayers, and policymakers.

Recent Research

Find out more about faculty research that dissects a variety of issues linked to dropouts and truancy, achievement gaps, student testing, school accountability, and college attendance.

Working Papers and Publications

Recently published articles and working papers in this program area include:

Faculty Experts

Faculty consider issues associated with education from different vantage points that include economics, sociology, psychology, biomedical sciences, and quantitative research methods. Learn more about them through their bios, research, and publications.