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The Effect of Court-Ordered Hiring Guidelines on Teacher Composition and Student Achievement (WP-17-19)

Cynthia (CC) DuBois and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

This paper examines the effect of court-ordered hiring guidelines intended to increase the share of black teachers employed in a school district in Louisiana. The researchers find that the court-ordered hiring policy significantly increased the share of teachers who are black in the district relative to the rest of the state, and to a matched synthetic control sample. The policy also increased the share of new teachers hired who are black, and decreased the student-teacher representation gap, defined as the difference in black enrollment share among students and teachers in a district. There were increases in the share of black teachers observed in both predominately white and predominately black schools in the district. The policy had no measurable impacts—either positive or negative—on district-level measures of student achievement.
Cynthia (CC) DuBois, SESP PhD and former IPR Graduate Research Assistant, Northwestern University
CC DuBois passed away in January 2018. Read about her life and research.

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Margaret Walker Alexander Professor and IPR Director, Northwestern University

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