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The Effect of Education on Mortality and Health: Evidence from a Schooling Expansion in Romania (WP-18-06)

Ofer Malamud, Andreea Mitrut, and Cristian Pop-Eleches

This paper examines a schooling expansion in Romania which increased educational attainment for successive cohorts born between 1945 and 1950. The researchers use a regression discontinuity design at the day level based on school entry cutoff dates to estimate impacts on mortality with 1994–2016 Vital Statistics data and self-reported health with 2011 Census data. They find that the schooling reform led to significant increases in years of schooling and changes in labor market outcomes but did not affect mortality or self-reported health. These estimates provide new evidence for the causal relationship between education and mortality outside of high-income countries and at lower margins of educational attainment.

This paper is published in The Journal of Human Resources.

Ofer Malamud, Associate Professor of Human Development and Social Policy and IPR Fellow, Northwestern University 

Andreea Mitrut, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Gothenburg

Cristian Pop-Eleches, Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

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