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Unbiased?: Race, Gender, and Sport Effects in University Medical Staff's Perceptions of Injured Student-Athletes (WP-17-06)

James Druckman, Sophie Trawalter, and Ivonne Montes

Injured student-athletes rely on university medical staff personnel for care. Do these practitioners exhibit race and/or gender biases in their perceptions of injured student-athletes? While such biases have been widely documented in other medical practitioner populations, they have not been studied in the domain of college athletics. The researchers use a survey experiment conducted on National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 medical staff to explore perceptions of an injured student-athlete (e.g., the likelihood of the student-athlete complying with treatment). They find little evidence of bias. They discuss why this population of medical practitioners may differ from others, and they offer suggestions for future work on medical treatment of student-athletes.

James Druckman, Payson S. Wild Professor of Political Science and IPR Fellow, Northwestern University

Sophie Trawalter, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Psychology, University of Virginia

Ivonne Montes, Research Assistant, Northwestern University

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