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2023 Journal Articles


Ruggeri, K., F. Stock, S. Haslam, (...) E. Finkel, J. Druckman, et al. 2023. A synthesis of evidence for policy from behavioural science during COVID-19. Nature 625: 13447.  

McDade, T. 2023. Three common assumptions about inflammation, aging, and health that are probably wrong. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(51): e2317232120.

LaTourette, A., M. Novack, and S. Waxman. 2023.Longer looks for language: Novel labels lengthen fixation duration for 2-year-old children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 236: 105754.  

Haggarty, C., J. GlazerR. Nusslock, R. Lee, and H. de Wit. 2023Lack of effect of methamphetamine on reward-related brain activity in healthy adults. Psychopharmacology 241: 181–93.  

Sabol, T, D. McCoy, K. Gonzalez, E. Hanno, A. Busby, W. Wei, and J. Downer. 2023. Contextual characteristics inside and outside of school walls as predictors of differential effectiveness in teacher professional development. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness 16(4): 553–82. 

 Schanzenbach, D. 2023. How food purchase restrictions and incentives may impact diet quality. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 10.1016/j.jand.2023.11.023 

Kwon, D., D. Knorr, K. Wiley, S. Young, and M. Fox. 2023. Association of pica with cortisol and inflammation among Latina pregnant women. American Journal of Human Biology 

Owuor, P., D. Awuor, E. Ngave, and S. Young. 2023. “The people here knew how I used to live, but now I have to start again:” Lived experiences and expectations of the displaced and non-displaced women affected by the Thwake Multipurpose Dam construction in Makueni County, Kenya. Social Science & Medicine 338: 116342.  


Villaume, S., S. Chen, and E. Adam. 2023. Age disparities in prevalence of anxiety and depression among U.S. adults during the COVID-19 pandemic. JAMA Network Open. 6(11): e2345073. 

Ross, M., E. Ochoa, and A. Papachristos. 2023. Evaluating the impact of a street outreach intervention on participant involvement in gun violenceProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(46): e2300327120.  

Wilton, L., J. Sullivan, A. Albuja, and S. Perry. 2023. Understanding the challenges and opportunities of talking to children about race and racism in child-facing institutions. Social Issues and policy Review 18: 89–124.  

Manaki, C., and A. Tetenov. 2023. Statistical decision theory respecting stochastic dominance. The Japanese Economic Review 74: 447–69.  

Schiller, D., A. Yu, N. Alia-Klein, S. Becker, H. Cromwell, F. Dolcos, P. Eslinger, (…) and RNusslock. 2023. The human affectomeNeuroscience and Behavioral Reviews 

Osborne, K., W. Zhang, T. Gupta, J. Farrens, M. Geiger, B. Kraus, C. Krugel, R. Nusslock, E. Kappenman, and V. Mittal. 2023. Clinical high risk for psychosis syndrome is associated with reduced neural responding to unpleasant imagesJournal of Psychopathology and Clinical Science 132 (8): 1060–71. 

Nilforoshan, H., W. Looi, E. Pierson, B. Villanueva, N. Fishman, Y. Chen, J. Sholar, B. Redbird, D. Grusky, and J. Leskovec. 2023. Human mobility networks reveal increased segregation in large citiesNature 624: 586–92.

Redbird, B. and E. Delaney. 2023. Tribal constitutions project. The Journal for Digital Legal History 

J. Miller, S. YoungE. Bryan, and C. Ringler. 2023. Water insecurity is associated with greater food insecurity and lower dietary diversity: panel data from sub-Saharan Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Food Security 


Adam, E. 2023. Natural disasters as natural experiments: Lessons for human stress science. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(44)e2316231120.  

McMahon, T.S. Villaume, and E. Adam. 2023. Daily experiences and adolescent affective wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic: The CHESS modelCurrent Opinion in Psychology 53: 101654.  

Chor, E., P. L. Chase-Lansdale, T. Sommer, T. Sabol, and L. Tighe, et al. 2023. Three-year outcomes for low-income parents of young children in a two-generation education program. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness

Mamakos, M., and E. Finkel. 2023. The social media discourse of engaged partisans is toxic even when politics are irrelevant. PNAS Nexus 2(10): pgad325 

Manski, C. 2023. Preface to the special issue on “Statistical decision theory and treatment choice” The Japanese Economic Review 

S. Young, H. Bethancourt, C. Cafiero, et al. 2023. Acknowledging, measuring and acting on the importance of water for food and nutritionNature Water 1: 825–28.


Druckman, J. 2023. Correcting Misperceptions of the Other Political Party Does Not Robustly Reduce Support for Undemocratic Practices or Partisan ViolenceProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(37): e2308938120. 

Baum, M., J. Druckman, M. Simonson, J. Lin, and R. Perlis. 2023. The political consequences of depression: How conspiracy beliefs, participatory inclinations, and depression affect support for political violenceAmerican Journal of Political Science. 

Zejnullahi, R., and L. Hedges. 2023. Robust variance estimation in small meta-analysis with the standardized mean differenceResearch Synthesis Methods. 

Rosenbaum, S., and C. Kuzawa. 2023. The promise of great apes as model organisms for understanding the downstream consequences of early life experiencesNeuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 152: 105240. 

Warner, B., B. Rosa, I. Ndao, P. Tarr, J.P. Miller, S. England, J. Luby, C.E. Rogers, C. Hall-Moore, R.E. Bryant, J.D. Wang, L. Linneman, T. Smyser, C. Smyser, D. Barch, G. Miller, E. Chen, J. Martin, and M. Mitreva. 2023. Social and psychological adversity are associated with distinct mother and infant gut microbiome variations. Nature Communications 14: 5824. 

Kraus, B., R. Zinbarg, R. Braga, R. NusslockV. Mittal, and C. Gratton. 2023. Insights from personalized models of brain and behavior for identifying biomarkers in psychiatry. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 152: 105259.  

Karlson, K., and L. Quillian. 2023. How (not) to use risk ratios in sociological researchSocius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 9: 

Melgar-Quiñonez, H., P. Gaitán-Rossi, R. Pérez-Escamilla, T. Shamah-Levy, G. Teruel-Belismelis, S. Young, and the Water Insecurity Experiences-Latin America, the Caribbean (WISE-LAC) Network. 2023. A declaration on the value of experiential measures of food and water insecurity to improve science and policies in Latin America and the CaribbeanInternational Journal for Equity in Health 22: 184.   


Weitzman, A., J. Behrman, and M. Ascherio. 2023. Quantitative data availability and measurement of U.S. immigrant and immigration policies: IMR methods note. International Migration Review 

 Solomonov, N., J. Green, A. Quintana, J. Lin, K. Ognyanova, M. Santillana, J. Druckman, M. Baum, D. Lazer, F. Gunning, and R. Perlis. 2023. A 50-state survey study of thoughts of suicide and social isolation among older adults in the United States. Journal of Affective Disorders 334: 43–9.  

Jackson, C.K., and C. Persico. 2023. Point column on school spending: Money mattersJournal of Policy Analysis and Management 

Manski, C. F., J. Mullahy, and A. Venkataramani. 2023. Using measures of race to make clinical predictions: Decision making, patient health, and fairnessThe Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(35): e2303370120. 

Alloy, L., R.F. Walsh, L.T. Smith, M. Maddox, T. Olino, P. Zee, and R. Nusslock. 2023. Circadian, Reward, and Emotion Systems in Teens prospective longitudinal study: Protocol overview of an integrative reward-circadian rhythm model of first onset of bipolar spectrum disorder in adolescence. BMC Psychiatry 23: 602. 

Porter, A., S. Fei, K. DammeR. Nusslock, C. Gratton, and V. Mittal. 2023. A meta-analysis and systematic review of single vs. multimodal neuroimaging techniques in the classification of psychosis. Molecular Psychiatry 

Bailey, M., J. Currie, and H. Schwandt. 2023. The COVID-19 baby bump in the United StatesThe Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(34): e2222075120. 

LaTourette, A., D.M. Chan, and S. Waxman. 2023. A principled link between object naming and representation is available to infants by seven months of ageScientific Reports 13: 14328.  


Harbridge-Yong, L., C. Volden, and A. Wiseman. 2023. The bipartisan path to effective lawmaking. The Journal of Politics

Batley, P., E. McClure, B. Brewer, A. Contractor, N. Batley, L. Hedges, and S. Chin. 2023. Evidence and reporting standards in N-of-1 medical studies: a systematic review. Translational Psychiatry 13: 263  

Bishehsari, F., M. Drees, D. Adnan, D. Sharma, S. Green, J. Koshy, L. Giron, A. Goldman, M. Abdel-Mohsen, H. Rasmussen, G. Miller, and A. Keshavarzian. Multi-omics approach to socioeconomic disparity in metabolic syndrome reveals roles of diet and microbiome. Proteomics and Systems Biology 23: e2300023. 

Alloy, L., I. Chat, M. Grehl, A. Stephenson, Z. Adogli, T. Olino, L. Ellman, G. Miller, and R. Nusslock. 2023. Reward and Immune Systems in Emotion (RISE) prospective longitudinal study: Protocol overview of an integrative reward-inflammation model of first onset of major depression in adolescence. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity–Health 30: 100643. 

Nuamah, S., and Q. Mulroy. 2023. “I am a child!”: Public perceptions of Black girls and their punitive consequences. Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 8(2): 182–201.  

Hsiao, Y., J. Leverso, and A. Papachristos. 2023. The corner, the crew, and the digital street: Multiplex networks of gang online-offline conflict dynamics in the digital ageAmerican Sociological Review 88(4): 709–41. 

Park, S., Y.R. Lee, and E. Tipton. 2023. Four best practices for meta-analysis: A systematic review of methodological rigor in mathematics interventions for students with or at risk of disabilitiesLearning Disability Quarterly 


Sahar d’Urso, A., and T. Bonilla. 2023. Religion or race? Using intersectionality to examine the role of Muslim identity and evaluations on belonging in the United StatesJournal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 8(2): 202–22. 

Chen, E., T. Jiang , M.A. Chen, R.Y. Chiu, and G. Miller. 2023. Resilience in children with chronic illness: Tests of the shift-and-persist and skin-deep resilience theories. Development and Psychopathology 1–11  

Bhatt, M., J. Guryan, H. Pollack, J. Castrejon, M. Clark, L. Delgado-Sanchez, P. Lin, M. Lubell, C. Pinto Poehls, B. Shaver, and M. Sumners. 2023. Randomized evaluation of a school-based, trauma-group intervention for young women in ChicagoScience Advances 9(23): eabq2077. 

Kim, A.W., R. Mohamed, S. Norris, S. Naicker, L. Richter, and C. Kuzawa. 2023. Childhood adversity during the post-apartheid transition and COVID-19 stress independently predict adult PTSD risk in urban South Africa: A biocultural analysis of the stress sensitization hypothesis. American Journal of Biological Anthropology 

Manski, C. 2023. Probabilistic prediction for binary treatment choice: With focus on personalized medicine. Journal of Econometrics 234: 647–63.   

Li, S., V. Litvin, and C. Manski. 2023. Partial identification of personalized treatment response with trial-reported analyses of binary subgroups. Epidemiology 34(3): 319–24. 

McDade, T., C. Ryan, L. Adair, N.R. Lee, D. Carba, J. MacIssac, K. Dever, P. Atashzay, M. Kobor, and C. Kuzawa. 2023. Association between infectious exposures in infancy and epigenetic age acceleration in young adulthood in metropolitan Cebu, PhilippinesAmerican Journal of Human Biology. 

Brody, G., T. Yu, G. Miller, and E. Chen. 2023.  Longitudinal links between early adolescent temperament and inflammation among young black adults. Psychoneuroendocrinology.  

Keenan-Devlin, L.A. Borders, A. Freedman, G. MillerW. Grobman, S. Entringer, H. Simhan, P. Wadhwa, and C. Buss. 2023. Maternal exposure to childhood maltreatment and adverse birth outcomesScientific Reports 13: 10380. 

Schrock, J.R. Nusslock, T. McDade, and B. Mustanski. 2023. Trauma history predicts decoupling of C-reactive protein and somatic symptoms: Results from a cohort study of sexual and gender minority youthPsychosomatic Medicine 85(5): 397–407.  

Zinbarg, R., M. Schmidt, B. Feinstein, A.L. Williams, A. Murillo, A. Echiverri-Cohen, C. Enders, M. Craske, and R. Nusslock. 2023. Personality predicts pre-COVID-19 to COVID-19 trajectories of transdiagnostic anxiety and depression symptoms. Journal of Psychopathology and Clinical Science 132(6): 645–56. 

Parsons, A., T. Harvey, S. Andrade, N. Horton, L. Brinkley-Rubenstein, G. Wood, L. Holaday, C. Riley, V. Spell, A. Papachristos, E. Wang, and B. Roy. 2023. “We know what's going on in our community”: A qualitative analysis identifying community assets that deter gun violenceSSM - Qualitative Research in Health 3: 100258. 

Plaisime, M., M. Jipguep-Akhtar, J. Locascio, H. Belcher, R. Hardeman, K. Picho-Kiroga, S. Perry, S. Phelan, M. van Ryn, and J. Dovidio. 2023. The impact of neighborhoods and friendships on interracial anxiety among medical students and residents: A report from the medical student CHANGES study. Health Services Research 58(S2): 229–37.  

Moffitt, U., D. Katsiaficas, N. Ghavami, I. MinorD. Padilla, and L. Rogers. 2023Intersectionality and identity: A systematic review and qualitative analysis of U.S. research in psychological science. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research 23(4): 288–313. 

Santoso, M., H. Petrie, R. Kerr, C. Lane, N. Kassim, H. Martin, E. Mtinda, E. Lupafya, and S. Young. 2023. A mixed methods exploration of the role of participation in a nutrition-sensitive agroecology intervention in rural Tanzania.  Current Developments in Nutrition 7(6): 100098. 


Kandula, N., N. Islam, B. Needham, N. Ahmed, L. Thorpe, K. KershawE. Chen, N. Zakai, and A. Kanaya. 2023. A multilevel framework to investigate cardiovascular health disparities among South Asian immigrants in the United States. Annals of Epidemiology 81: 24–30.  

Ehrlich, K., S. Lyle, K. Corallo, J. Brisson, E. Wiggins, T. Yu, E. Chen, G. Miller, and G. Brody. 2023. Socioeconomic disadvantage and high-effort coping in childhood: evidence of skin-deep resilienceThe Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 

Druckman, J.S. Kang, J. Chu, M. Stagnaro, J. Voelkel, J. Mernyk, S. Pink, C. Redekopp, D. Rand, and R. Willer. 2023. Correcting misperceptions of out-partisans decreases American legislators’ support for undemocratic practices. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(23): e2301836120. 

Green, J., J. Druckman, M. Baum, K. Ognyanova, M. Simonson, R. Perlis, and D. Lazer. 2023. Media use and vaccine resistance. PNAS Nexus 2: 1–13.   

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Libgober, B., and S. Rashin. 2023. What public comments during the rulemaking do (and why)American Politics Research.  

Gaietto, K., Y.Y Han, E. Forno, E. Acosta-Pérez, A. Marsland, G. Miller, F. Rosser, W. Chen, G. Canino, and J. Celedón. 2023. Exposure to violence and asthma in Puerto Rican youth with high Th2 immunityPediatric Pulmonology 58: 2289–97. 

Kennedy, K., S. Karthikeyan, A. Sultan, B. McCrindle, G. Miller, and B. Goldstein. 2023. Endothelial function in youth with bipolar disorder: Preliminary evidence for mood polarity differences. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 84(6): 22m14608 

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Santoso, M.H. Petrie, R. Kerr, C. Lane, N. Kassim, H. Martin, E. Mtinda, E. Lupafya, and S. Young. 2023. A mixed-methods exploration of the role of participation in a nutrition-sensitive agroecology intervention in rural TanzaniaCurrent Developments in Nutrition  


Chen, E., T. Yu, G. Brody, P. Lam, B. Goosby, and G. Miller. 2023. Discrimination and inflammation in adolescents of colorBiological Psychiatry Global Open Science 3(2): 204–12. 

McGorray, E., E. Finkel, and B. Feinstein. 2023. Bi+ identity visibility and well-being in the context of romantic relationshipsPsychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity 

Anderson, S., D. Butler, L. Harbridge-Yong, and R. Marshall. 2023. Top-four primaries help moderate candidates via crossover voting: The case of the 2022 Alaska election reforms. The Forum 21(1): 123–36.  

Goff, L., O. Malamud, C. Pop-Eleches, and M. Urquiola. 2023. Interactions between family and school environments. Journal of Human Resources.  

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Sommer, T.L. TigheT. Sabol, E. Chor, P. Chase-Lansdale, H. Yoshikawa, J. Brooks-Gunn, A. Morris, and C. King. 2023. The effects of a two-generation English as a second language (ESL) intervention on immigrant parents and children in Head Start. Applied Developmental Science.  

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* Indicates publication is not peer-reviewed.

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