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2020 Journal Articles

Hittner, E., and E. Adam. 2020. Emotional pathways to the biological embodiment of racial discrimination experiences. Psychosomatic Medicine 82(4): 420–31. 

Kim, A., E. Adam, S. Bechayda, and C. Kuzawa. 2020. Early life stress and HPA axis function independently predict adult depressive symptoms in metropolitan Cebu, Philippines. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 173(3): 448–62. 

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Kashyap, R., and J. Behrman. 2020. Gender discrimination and excess female under-5 mortality in India: A new perspective using mixed-sex twins. Demography 57: 2143–67. 

Bonilla, T., and A. Tillery. 2020. Which identity frames boost support for and mobilization in the #BlackLivesMatter movement? An experimental test. American Political Science Review 114(4): 947–62. 

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Finegood, E., E. Chen, J. Kish, K. Vause, A. Leigh, L. Hoffer, and G. Miller. 2020. Community violence and cellular and cytokine indicators of inflammation in adolescents. Psychoneuroendocrinology 115: 104628.

Debrosse, R., Destin, M., M. Rossignac-Milon, D. Taylor, and L. O. Rogers. 2020. Immigrant adolescents’ roots and dreams: Perceived mismatches between ethnic identities and aspirational selves predict engagement. Self and Identity 19(1):1–15.

Destin, M. 2020. Identity research that engages contextual forces to reduce socioeconomic disparities in education. Current Directions in Psychological Science 29(2): 161–66. 

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Bayes, R., J. Druckman, A. Goods, and D. Molden. 2020. When and how different motives can drive motivated political reasoning. Political Psychology 41(5): 1031–52. 

Bayes, R., T. Bolsen, and J. Druckman. Forthcoming. A research agenda for climate change communication and public opinion: The role of scientific consensus messaging and beyond. Environmental Communication.

Druckman, J., M. Kifer, and M. Parkin. 2020. Campaign rhetoric and the incumbency advantage. American Politics Research 48(1): 22–43. 

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Druckman, J., S. Klar, Y. Krupnikov, M. Levendusky, and J.B. Ryan. Forthcoming. How affective polarization shapes Americans’ political beliefs: A study of response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Experimental Political Science

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Galvin, D. Forthcoming. Labor’s legacy: The construction of subnational work regulation. ILR Review.

Galvin, D. 2020. Let’s not conflate APD with political history, and other reflections on “Causal Inference and American Political Development.” Public Choice 185: 485–500. 

Galvin, D. 2020. Party domination and base mobilization: Donald Trump and Republican Party building in a polarized era. The Forum 18(2): 135–68. 

Galvin, D., and J. Hacker. 2020. The political effects of policy drift: Policy stalemate and American political development. Studies in American Political Development 34(2): 215–38. 

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* Indicates publication is not peer-reviewed.

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