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Explainer Videos

How Does School Spending Impact Students?

IPR economist Kirabo Jackson explains that by looking at the long-term outcomes of students you can see the benefits of increased school spending.

How Do We Know When Research Is Too Limited to Provide Good Evidence?

IPR statistician Elizabeth Tipton tells how her team is dedicated to improving education research methods and making evidence more inclusive.

Are Government Housing Programs Fair?

After WWII, millions of Americans bought homes for the first time thanks to the standardization of 30-year mortgages. IPR political scientist Chloe Thurston explains how many minorities and women were shut out due to discriminatory government policies.

Can Breastfeeding Help Prevent Disease in Adulthood?

IPR biological anthropologist Thomas McDade explains that breastfeeding for three months or longer decreases a child’s risk for health problems like Type 2 diabetes, disabilities, and heart disease later in life.

Can Overcoming Adversity Actually Be Harmful to Your Health?

IPR health psychologists Edith Chen and Greg Miller find that success can take a hidden toll on the health of students of color who graduate from college.