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New IPR Research: January 2020

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Below is this month's new research from IPR faculty. Click on the study to read more. 

The Evolution of Human Trafficking Messaging in the United States

by Tabitha Bonilla and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo

factory worker
The Unexpected Consequences of Policy Drift 

by Daniel Galvin and Jacob Hacker

Rewarding Physicians to Take Medicaid Patients 

by Molly Schnell and Diane Alexander

Measuring Cancer Caregivers’ Quality of Life

by David Cella, Valerie Shilling, Rachel Starkings, Valerie Jenkins, and Lesley Fallowfield

clasped hands
Early-Term Delivery and Breastfeeding

by Emma Adam, Ann Borders, and Greg Miller 

newborn and mother
Designing Technology for Project-Based Learning 

by Elizabeth Gerber and Matthew Easterday

The Impact of Single-Sex Education

by Kirabo Jackson

school building
Does Lengthening the School Day Help Students Learn?

by David Figlio, Kristian L. Holden, and Umut Ozek

apple and books
How to Measure Inequality in Small-Group Discussion

by Shari Seidman Diamond, Mary R. Rose, and Dan Powers

small group
The Long-Term Effects of Entering the Job Marketing During a Recession

by Hannes Schwandt and Till von Wachter

Perceiving Discrimination: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Legal Workplace

by Robert Nelson, Ioana Sendroiu, Ronit Dinovitzer, and Meghan Dawe

law books

Published: January 21, 2020.