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Policy Research Briefings

IPR Policy Research Briefings are typically held over the lunch hour in Chicago, Evanston, or Washington, D.C. and include ample opportunity for audience participation. The briefings offer research-generated IPR faculty insights, including groundbreaking work on topics ranging from police misconduct to inequality in public school spending.

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Crime In Chicago: What Does The Research Tell Us?

March 9, 2018

Chicago has a national reputation for violence. Even though shooting deaths dropped in the city last year, 664 people still died from gun violence. Research from IPR experts not only explains some of the city's most enduring problems, but it also shows that it is possible to find viable solutions to combat the city's violence. Join IPR and the Union League of Chicago's Public Affairs Committee for presentations and discussion on what the research reveals about crime in Chicago.


D.C. Research Briefing: Ready for School, Ready for Life

May 17, 2016

Over the years, many efforts have been made to improve early-learning environments as means to boost Americans' job and life prospects. Several new studies are fueling thought-provoking ideas as to what policymakers, parents, and researchers should consider when retooling early-education policies.


Madam President? Women Leaders: Their Potential, Their Challenges

December 4, 2015
Join our faculty experts as they examine the ways in which women do, and do not differ, from men in terms of leadership; discuss interventions that increased the number of women in leadership roles; and assess how women might better make themselves heard in public discourse.

Education in the Digital Age

May 19, 2015
Will high-tech tools improve or exacerbate existing inequities in education? Join our three panelists as they talk about their research on the impact of technology on learning.