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School Diversity Linked to Better HealthIPR's Edith Chen and Greg Miller find that emphasizing diversity in schools is linked to better health among students of colorRead more...

PNAS Study Chen Miller

Faculty Spotlight: Beth TiptonIPR statistician Beth Tipton finds her calling in “social statistics” and explores how statistics can be used across disciplines.Read more...

Beth Tipton

IPR@50: The Second Decade (1979–1988) What would moving to new communities mean to people living in segregated public housing? IPR researchers tackled this question and more in the 1980s.Read more...

Stateway Gardens

The Origins of the GOP's Tax Cut Policy In her new book, "Starving the Beast," IPR sociologist Monica Prasad examines how tax cuts became a dominant policy issue of the Republican Party during the Reagan administration.Read more...

Monica Prasad

Learn more about the IPR@50 ConferenceIPR will celebrate 50 years of research excellence and policy impact with a conference in June.Read more...

IPR 50 Event
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Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

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