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How Do We Know When Research Is Too Limited to Provide Good Evidence?

IPR statistician Elizabeth Tipton tells how her team is dedicated to improving education research methods and making evidence more inclusive.

Summer Undergraduate Research Assistants

March 4, 2021
Chloe Thurston and student
Apply for the SURA program for first-hand experience working with faculty on their policy-relevant research over the summer.

Faculty Spotlight: Stephanie Edgerly

February 26, 2021
Stephanie Edgerly
Media scholar and IPR associate Stephanie Edgerly studies how audiences consume and engage with the news.

Want to Close Racial Gaps?

February 25, 2021
BLM protest
IPR researchers’ data-driven suggestions seek to diminish racial inequities through federal policy proposals.

COVID-19 Media and Research

February 26, 2021
Stay up-to-date with latest IPR faculty mentions in the news about COVID-19 and other IPR news related to the coronavirus.

Research Excellence. Policy Impact.

Rigorous, interdisciplinary social science research for the common good

Capitol building


We connect policymakers with nonpartisan research relevant to policy debates in city halls and state houses, as well as the halls of Congress and of international organizations.

Browse our trending research or contact us if you need help finding an expert or research on a specific topic.

Kirabo Jackson

The Media

IPR faculty researchers are leaders in their respective fields and stand ready to share their expertise. If you are interested in interviewing an IPR faculty member or covering their research, use the resources below or contact us. We're here to help you get the story.

Thom McDade and Chris Kuzawa


Here at IPR, we support a vibrant and diverse scholarly community, where robust debate and discussion are encouraged. If you would like to learn more about IPR research in your area of interest or join our events, browse the resources below.
Onnie Rogers with Student


We seek to educate and enable next-generation scholars and policy specialists through cross-disciplinary teaching and training. Find opportunities or get involved by using the resources below.

Join the Policy Discussion

Get involved in policy research discussions by following @IPRatNU on social media or attending one of our events.

IPR Events

Diane Schanzenbach gives a talk
IPR Colloquia
Join us this year as we host our events on Zoom. Each academic year, we organize more than 40 policy-relevant events. Sign up for notification of our events and join our community for robust debate and discussion.