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Chicago's 'Crime Gap'A new study by IPR sociologist Andrew Papachristos finds that though violent crime has declined overall, crime remains concentrated in disadvantaged communities.Read more...

Chicago neighborhood

Confronting StereotypesIn a Northwestern Magazine profile, IPR developmental psychologist Onnie Rogers discusses how kids understand and engage with issues of inequality. Read more...

Onnie Rogers

What Can the Midterms Tell Us About 2020?At a recent IPR panel, Northwestern scholars discussed what the record-breaking midterms might mean for Congress, the media, and the economy over next two years and for the 2020 presidential election.Read more...


Faculty Spotlight: Elizabeth GerberIPR associate Elizabeth Gerber explores how a collaborative design process might address social issues.Read more...

Elizabeth Gerber

How Contempt Divides AmericaArthur Brooks, president of AEI, recently spoke at Northwestern about how contempt divides America and what we can do about it.Read more...

Arthur Brooks
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