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The Brain Consumes Half of a Child's EnergyNew study by IPR's Christopher Kuzawa proposes that variation in brain energy expenditure during childhood could be linked to obesity riskRead more...


Faculty Spotlight: Annette D'OnofrioLinguistics scholar and IPR associate Annette D'Onofrio studies how speech defines our perceptions of ourselves and others.Read more...

Annette D'Onofrio

Accuracy v. Cost in the 2020 CensusIn a working paper, statisticians Bruce Spencer and Zachary Seeskin weigh the importance of an accurate census count versus the financial expense of gathering information.Read more...

census infographic

IPR@50: The Fourth DecadeDuring the 2000s, IPR built on its strong interdisciplinary structure to elevate education policy to a formal research area and launch two innovative research centers.Read more...

C2S Group
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