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Policy-Minded ScholarsMore than 30 Northwestern PhD students from across the University are selected to work with faculty researchers at IPR as graduate research assistants each year.Read more...


Faculty Spotlight: Charles F. ManskiEconometrician Charles F. Manski's work is deeply rooted in methodology, but inexorably tied to policy and motivated by real-world problems. Read more...

Charles Manski

Changing Gender StereotypesA new meta-analysis looking at gender stereotypes from 1946–2018 by psychologist Alice Eagly and her colleagues finds that women are now regarded as just as competent as men, but still not as ambitious, aggressive, or decisive.Read more...

Gender Stereotypes

Rebellion, Love, BetrayalA new novel by IPR's John Heinz looks at dissent and political violence in the 1960s. Read more...

Rebellion, Love, Betrayal

Program Shown to Deter Gun ViolenceA new study by sociologists Andrew Papachristos and George Wood finds that the Violence Reduction Strategy program, which aims to reduce gun violence in Chicago, deterred about 100 instances of gun violence over two years.Read more...

Gun Violence
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How Institutions and Social Identity Affect Policy Change
James Druckman and Elizabeth Sharrow

Precise or Imprecise Probabilities?
Charles Manski, et al.

Does Vocational Education Work?
Ofer Malamud, et al. 


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