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The protests that followed the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police have roiled the country all summer long, provoking widespread debate on fundamental questions about the role of police. IPR sat down with sociologist Andrew Papachristos this summer to discuss what is and isn’t working in Chicago, as well as what has yet to be tried. 

Kirabo Jackson
Public Policy Prize

IPR labor economist Kirabo Jackson has been honored with the David N. Kershaw Award by the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. The award recognizes distinguished policy research contributions for scholars under 40.
Francesca Gaiba
Francesca Gaiba

IPR welcomes its first senior director of operations and outreach, Francesca Gaiba. A multilingual, first-generation college student, she brings an extensive experience as an accomplished administrator, as well as a background in conducting award-winning research.
Research News
Researdcher placing vial in the centrifuge
Public Trust and the Desire to Vaccinate

Survey data from IPR’s James Druckman shows that public trust for 15 government institutions and leaders’ ability to manage the pandemic gradually eroded and a desire to vaccinate depends on
trust in leaders and institutions. 
President Trump speaking at a rally
President Trump's Leadership Style

IPR political scientist Daniel Galvin examines how President Trump differs from former Republican presidents by building a base of
like-minded supporters and the implications of this strategy for
the 2020 election.
Police car lights
Mapping Racial Disparity in Arrests

IPR sociologist Beth Redbird and graduate research assistant Kat Albrecht have compiled racial disparities in arrests across the
U.S. from 1999–2015 in a police
bias map, showing how they
have grown over time.
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Recent IPR Faculty Research

Read recent IPR research including studies examining how retail clinics have affected emergency room use and how communities can best support transgender people who face increased risks of anxiety, depression, and other mental
health issues. 
Faculty Opinion

"The purpose of building a social safety net is to help people in need, not to save money. If people with disabilities are especially needy, it is entirely reasonable for the government to provide extra funds to help them. Sometimes, spending money is simply the right thing to do."
—Seema Jayachandran
Social Programs Can Sometimes Turn a Profit for Taxpayers
The New York Times
Working Papers

School Effects on Social-Emotional Development, School-Based Arrests, and Educational Attainment 
(WP-20-06) Kirabo Jackson, Shanette Porter, John Easton, Alyssa Blanchard, and Sebastián Kiguel

Sign Language Promotes Object Categorization in Young Hearing Infants
(WP-20-07) Miriam Novack, Diane Brentari, Susan Goldin-Meadow, and Sandra Waxman

Developmental Changes in Auditory-Evoked Alpha Activity Underlie the Increasing Precision with Which Infants Link Language and Cognition
(WP-20-08) Kali Woodruff Carr, Danielle Perszyk, Elizabeth Norton, Joel Voss, David Poeppel, and Sandra Waxman
More Working Papers
Upcoming Events
IPR's events for the fall 2020 quarter will be held online. Registration is required to join.* You can always find the latest event information by visiting our online calendar. 

Oct. 5: "Two-Generation Education Programs for Parents and Children: Are They Effective? Why or Why Not?"
Lindsay Chase-Lansdale (IPR/ SESP) and Teresa Eckrich Sommer (IPR) 

Oct 12: "The Social Safety Net in the Wake of COVID-19"
Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach (IPR/ SESP) 

Oct 19: "Diagnostic Reform as Global Health Policymaking: Gender and Sexuality in the International Classification of Diseases"
Steven Epstein (Sociology/ IPR) 

Oct 26: "How the Punishment of Black Women and Girls Affects Our Democracy" 
Sally Nuamah (IPR/ SESP)

*IPR fellows, associates, students, and staff do not need to register.
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