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As antibody testing ramps up across the country, a team of Northwestern University researchers have developed a new method for testing antibodies of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The method requires only a single drop of blood collected from a simple finger prick, combining the convenience of finger-stick blood sampling at home with the analytical rigor of a lab. The scientists reported this new test in a paper on MedRxiv, the preprint server for health sciences. IPR biological anthropologist Thomas McDade is the paper’s lead author.

Beth Redbird
Research in a Rapidly Changing World

IPR sociologist Beth Redbird
is leading a national survey of interdisciplinary researchers to understand the social impact of COVID-19 by tracking attitudes
and behaviors during the crisis.
Research News
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IPR Faculty Elected to American Academy
of Arts & Sciences

IPR faculty experts Edith Chen, Mary Pattillo, Teresa Woodruff, and James Spillane were honored for their exceptional achievements with election to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in
April. It is one of the nation’s
oldest honorary scientific societies.
Crystal Clark
Faculty Spotlight: 
Crystal Clark

In medical school, psychiatrist and IPR associate Crystal Clark found herself torn between two passions: psychiatry, and obstetrics and gynecology. It led her to specialize in perinatal psychiatry, a relatively new field focusing on women’s mental health at and around childbirth. 
Police tape in front of an intersection
Police Training Reduced Complaints and Use of Force 

IPR sociologist Andrew Papachristos and postdoctoral fellow George Wood analyzed a procedural justice training program of more than 8,000 Chicago police officers. They find it reduced complaints by roughly 10% and
use of force by 6% in the two
years following their training.
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Recent IPR Faculty Research

The latest IPR faculty research examines a variety of issues, including the social barriers to women's employment in developing countries, a rise in hospitalizations
of Illinois youth for mental health issues, and if Democrats and Republicans show different biases
in terms of a candidate’s gender.
Faculty Opinion

"First and foremost, our priority is the public health impact of the coronavirus. But we also need to figure out ways to reduce the burden for low-income families who have lost their stable childcare with schools closing, especially for those who are essential workers."
Awards and Honors
Edith Chen, Mary PattilloJames Spillane, and Teresa Woodruff were elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Héctor Carrillo was named a Guggenheim fellow and a fellow of the American Council of Learned Sciences.
More Awards and Honors
Working Papers

The Illusion of Affective Polarization 
(WP-19-25) James Druckman, Samara Klar, Yanna Krupnikov, Matthew Levendusky, and John Barry Ryan

All Medicaid Expansions Are Not Created Equal: The Geography and Targeting of the Affordable Care Act
(WP-19-26) Craig Garthwaite, John Graves, Tal Gross, Zeynal Karaca, Victoria Marone, and Matthew Notowidigdo

The Convenience of Large Urban School Districts: A Study of Recruitment Practices in 37 Randomized Trials
(WP-19-27) Elizabeth Tipton, Jessaca Spybrook, Katie Fitzgerald, Qian Wang, and Caryn Davidson
More Working Papers
Upcoming Events

IPR's events for the spring 2020 quarter are being held online. Those without an active Northwestern netid and email must register to join IPR’s online colloquia here.

May 11: "Disease Spread and Human Capital" by Hannes Schwandt (IPR/SESP)

May 18: "Researching Adolescent Stress in the Time of COVID-19" by Emma Adam (IPR/SESP)

You can always find the latest event information by visiting our online calendar. 

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