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Collage: 50 Years of Women at IPR

From sexism in the workplace and gender attitudes to understanding
women's fear of rape and why the Equal Rights Amendment failed, IPR
faculty have pioneered vital research on women and gender roles across
social, economic, educational, psychological, and health topics since its founding more than 50 years ago.

Faculty Highlights
Jordan Gans-Morse
With the White House embroiled
in a Ukraine-centric scandal, political scientist and IPR associate Jordan Gans-Morse, who studies the country, its government, and its relationship with Russia, has found his once relatively niche area of expertise directly in the spotlight.
Research News
Andrew Papachristos giving an address
'A Handshake Away'

IPR sociologist Andrew Papachristos gave a talk about
gun violence on WTTW's "Firsthand Talks," sharing his research on the role networks play in who is impacted by shootings in Chicago. 

Teacher writing on a dry erase board
New Faculty Research

New studies from IPR faculty researchers cover how female principals deal with "emotional
labor" and how parents of different ethnicities reacted when public schools closed in Chicago, among others. 
Soldiers in tall grass
Rethinking How We Study Civil Wars

Political scientist and IPR associate Ana Arjona examines how the tendency to focus on violence when studying civil war
can warp perceptions. 
Feet on pavement with many arrows painted facing different directions
College Counseling: Can High Schools Do It Well?

IPR education researcher James Rosenbaum and IPR research coordinator Gorana Illic outline the successes and trade-offs they found in one urban high school counseling office.
Distinguished Public Policy Lecture
Janet Curie
On November 21, Princeton University's Janet Currie will give IPR's Distinguished Public Policy Lecture on the crucial role of public insurance in supporting longer-term development of human capital. Register here.
"The evidence is clear that, over the past 20 years, partisan emotions have splintered such that people feel more attached to their party and more animus toward the other party. A likely effect is that when partisan elites are also separated, policy substance becomes less relevant."  
James Druckman
 "Is Politics a War of Ideas or of Us Against Them?"
The New York Times
Awards and Honors
Fay Lomax Cook was named a Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the National Academy of Social Insurance.
Robin NusslockJohn Bullock, and Eli Finkel were included in the Northwestern Associated Student Government Faculty Honor Roll for 2019–20.
David Cella was elected to the National Academy of Medicine.
More Awards And Honors
Working Papers
Female Disadvantage in Under-Five Mortality in India: Measuring Explicit Gender Discrimination Using Data on Twins
(WP-19-10) Ridhi Kashyap and Julia Behrman

The Effects of Growing-Season Drought on Young Adult Women's Life Course Transitions: Evidence From Malawi
(WP-19-11) Liliana Andriano and Julia Behrman

The Political Effects of Policy Drift: Policy Stalemate and American Political Development
(WP-19-12) Daniel Galvin and Jacob Hacker
More Working Papers
Upcoming Events

December 5: "Media and Motivation: The Effect of Performance Pay on Writers and Content" by Emilia Tjernström (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

December 12: "Selection with Variation in Diagnostic Skill: Evidence from Radiologists" by David Chan (Stanford University) 
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