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IPR Director and economist Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach has studied food insecurity for most of her academic career, but when some of the first data on food insecurity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic came through in April, she was shaken. “I’ve never seen numbers this bad,” Schanzenbach said. She has released three reports analyzing the latest numbers on Americans' food insecurity and food insufficiency since May 13.

Research News
Pregnant woman holding hands over belly
How COVID-19 Affects Pregnant Women and Their Children

IPR economist Hannes Schwandt’s review of existing evidence shows the rate of reported COVID-19 deaths among pregnant mothers is low, and when they are infected most of them experience mild cases or show no symptoms.
Soledad Andrianzen McGrath
Soledad McGrath Joins IPR’s N3 as Executive Director

Soledad Adrianzén McGrath joined the Northwestern Neighborhood & Network Initiative, or N3, as its first executive director, where she will help with strategic direction and building relationships with partners. She is a Northwestern alumna.  
Mail In Ballot
Most Americans Support Vote by Mail During the COVID-19 Pandemic

IPR political scientist James Druckman collaborated on a national survey of attitudes that finds a majority of Americans (60%) support efforts to make it easier to vote by mail in the upcoming November election.
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Food Insecurity and Food Pantry Use in 10 States, 8 Metro Areas

The COVID Impact Survey collected information for a select set of states and metropolitan areas. Notably, more than 1 in 10 respondents in New York and Texas reported receiving help from a food pantry in the previous seven days.
Faculty Opinion

“We usually see disasters as unifying. They bring us together, they unite us, they increase support for our neighbors, to help each other out. But while we see anecdotal stories of that in the press, we haven’t actually seen a lot of data supporting that that’s what’s going on.”
Working Papers

A Research Agenda for Climate Change Communication and Public Opinion: The Role of Consensus Messaging and Beyond (WP-19-28)
Robin Bayes, Toby Bolsen, and James Druckman

Candidate-Gender Bias and the Partisan Gender-Gap in Office (WP-19-29)
Sara Saltzer and Mary McGrath

Local Exposure to School Shootings and Youth Antidepressant Use
Maya Rossin-Slater, Molly Schnell, Hannes Schwandt, Sam Trejo, and Lindsey Uniat
More Working Papers
Spring 2020 Events

IPR held its spring 2020 quarter series entirely online. Some of the colloquia  were recorded and covered IPR faculty research on various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including gender equality, legal issues, and analyzing infection rates.

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