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With the establishment of the new Statistics for Evidence-Based Policy and Practice (STEPP) Center, IPR’s top statistical minds are aiming to improve methodology and interdisciplinary cooperation to increase connections between research and practice.

Faculty Highlights
Julia Behrman
Faculty Spotlight: 
Julia Behrman

IPR sociologist Julia Behrman got hooked on Africa when she conducted research in Senegal as an undergraduate in 2005 looking at reproductive health services. The continent’s rich history and culture fueled her desire to learn more.
Distinguished Public Policy Lecture
Janet Currie

Janet Currie: Child Health as Human Capital

On November 21, Princeton University's Janet Currie will give IPR's Distinguished Public Policy Lecture on the crucial role of public insurance in supporting longer-term development of human capital. Register here.
Research News
Person gathering water in a dirty river

New Tool Helps Address the Global Water Crisis

IPR anthropologist Sera Young is leading a team of more than 40 researchers who have developed a 12-item scale on household water insecurity to provide actionable, policy-relevant information about the global water crisis. 
Person's hand filling out a person
Partisan Bias in Surveys

Whether partisan gaps in survey responses reflect a lack of information or “cheerleading,” they have repercussions for political scientists, pollsters, and lawmakers alike, finds IPR political scientist John Bullock.
Phone screen with news apps
News, Entertainment, or Both?

IPR associate and media scholar Stephanie Edgerly examines how in our current media environment the lines have blurred between news and entertainment.
Doctor listening to a child's heartbeat
New IPR Research for October

IPR faculty researchers have produced new research that examines how birth weight is linked to childhood disability rates, if TV ads for drugs are a good or bad influence on consumers, and more.
"In the United States, where girls attend school at higher rates than boys, 76 percent of girls between the ages of 14 and 19 report feeling unsafe as a girl in their daily life, and 69 percent report feeling judged as a sexual object." 
Awards and Honors
IPR developmental psychobiologist Emma Adam was named the Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Human Development and Social Policy.

IPR associate Janice Eberly, the James R. and Helen D. Russell Professor of Finance, was elected Vice President of the American Economic Association.

IPR economist Jonathan Guryan became the Lawyer Taylor Professor of Education and Social Policy.
More Awards and Honors
Working Papers
Born in the Family: Preferences for Boys and the Gender Gap in Math
(WP-19-07) Gaia Dossi, David Figlio, Paola Giuliano, and Paola Sapienza

Reshaping Adolescents' Gender Attitudes: Evidence From a School-Based Experiment in India (WP-19-08) Diva Dhar, Tarun Jain, and Seema Jayachandran

Inexpensive Heating Reduces Winter Mortality (WP-19-09) Janjala Chirakijja, Seema Jayachandran, and Pinchuan Ong
More Working Papers
Upcoming Events
November 4: "Challenges and Opportunities at the Interface of the Biological and Social Sciences" by Thomas McDade (IPR/Anthropology)

November 7: "How Do Policymakers Update Their Beliefs?" by Eva Vivalt (Australian National University)

November 11: "The Violent Bias in the Study of Civil War" by Ana Arjona (Political Science/IPR)

November 18: "'It’s the Guys That Determine That': Feminism and Sorority Ranking at Central U." by Simone Ispa-Landa (IPR/SESP)

November 20: "How Do School Districts Use Evidence? A Discussion With Paul Goren and Cynthia Coburn by Paul Goren (SESP) and Cynthia Coburn (SESP)

November 21: "Child Health as Human Capital," Distinguished Public Policy Lecture by Janet Currie (Princeton University)

November 25: "The Role of Campaign Promises in Voter Decision Making" by Tabitha Bonilla (IPR/SESP)
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