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Addressing Chicago’s
'Unfathomable Violence'

After a near record increase in 2020, levels of gun violence in Chicago remain stubbornly elevated, and deadly, in 2021. But not all parts of the city experience gun violence equally. IPR sociologist Andrew Papachristos, who has long called for gun violence to be treated like a public health emergency, co-organized a panel during the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) virtual annual conference to discuss the ongoing crisis. He and the panel of sociologists, violence preventionists, and public officials examined the entrenched roots of violence in these Chicago communities, as well as efforts to prevent gun violence such as street outreach programs.

Explainer Video

Can Overcoming Adversity Actually Be Harmful to Your Health?

IPR health psychologists Edith Chen and Greg Miller find that success can take a hidden toll on the health of students of color who graduate from college. Watch the IPR explainer video and read the related policy brief to learn more about their research. You can also view other videos featuring IPR faculty. 

Student Perspectives

Summer Undergraduate Research Assistants Blog

Students in IPR's Summer Undergraduate Research Assistants (SURA) program share their perspectives working on research projects with IPR faculty mentors to minimize health disparities, examine racial differences in disciplinary action, learn how stress impacts adolescents, and more.

Research News

Want to Vaccinate More Americans? Get Top Republicans to Endorse Vaccines

A new study by IPR political scientist James Druckman, along with colleagues at Stanford University, Columbia University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, finds that getting top Republicans to endorse vaccines could be more effective than messages from Democrats.

Which Networks Are Most Effective at Improving Student Achievement?

The Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact, led by communication studies scholar and IPR associate Michelle Shumate, conducted a three-year study that evaluated the effectiveness of 26 education networks’ “collective impact” in improving education outcomes in their communities.

Faculty Research in Brief

New research by IPR faculty covers how racial discrimination gets under the skin, where the money from college sports goes, and the impact of vicarious racism during COVID-19 on mental health. 

Faculty Opinion

The irony is, urban violence is more preventable, but we don't invest the funds. What is needed is economic investment, jobs, access to educational opportunities, therapy. We know what needs to be done, but we won't invest the funds.”
Working Papers

Affective Polarization Did Not Increase During the Coronavirus Pandemic (WP-20-51)
Levi Boxell, Jacob Conway, James Druckman, and Matthew Gentzkow

Employment Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit: Taking the Long View (WP-20-52)
Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach and Michael Strain

The Effect of Computer-Assisted Learning on Students' Long-Term Development (WP-20-53)
Nicola Bianchi, Yi Lu, and Hong Song

Who Benefits From Attending Effective Schools? Examining Heterogeneity in High School Impacts (WP-20-54)
Kirabo Jackson, Shanette Porter, John Q. Easton, and Sebastián Kiguel

Identifying and Measuring Conditional Policy Preferences: The Case of Opening Schools During a Pandemic (WP-20-55)
Jonathan Green, Matthew Baum, James Druckman, David Lazer, Katherine Ognyanova, Matthew Simonson, Roy Perlis, and Mauricio Santillana

More Working Papers
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