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Want to Close Racial Gaps, Advance Equity? Try These Policy Ideas

On his first day as president, Joe Biden signed an executive order that the federal government pursue comprehensive policies to close racial gaps and advance equity for all. IPR faculty have identified and sought to address gaps, all of which the pandemic and ensuing recession have affected. They have made specific research-driven policy suggestions on education, healthcare, housing, and other government services that could help bring the goals of Biden’s executive order to fruition.

Stephanie Edgerly

Faculty Spotlight

Stephanie Edgerly

Media scholar and IPR associate Stephanie Edgerly studies how audiences consume and engage with the news. “What I think makes the field of media really interesting is that everybody has personal experience with media,” she said. 

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Research News

Two-Thirds of Parents Voice Concern About Students' Learning Losses in a New Survey

As school districts, teachers, parents, and students struggle with how to handle schooling, IPR political scientist James Druckman finds that two-thirds of parents are concerned about the quality of K–12 learning during the pandemic. The majority though are against returning to physical classrooms. 

Recent Faculty Research

Read recent IPR research, including studies that investigate how good relationships with parents during childhood can be a buffer to the common cold, if racial biases are behind worries about diseases that originate in Africa over those of other regions, and if people choose romantic partners based on their preferred traits and behaviors. 

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How Does School Spending Impact Students?

In a new video, IPR economist Kirabo Jackson explains that by looking at the long-term outcomes of students you can see the benefits of increased spending. Watch the IPR explainer video and read the related policy brief to learn more about his research. You can also view other videos featuring IPR faculty. 

Faculty Opinion

"This pandemic is widening economic inequalities within millennials, with some millennials relatively unscathed economically and others just completely financially devastated."
—Christine Percheski
The Millennial Wealth Gap Is Growing
Business Insider
Working Papers

Measuring Racial Disparity in Local and County Police Arrests (WP-20-27)
Beth Redbird and Kat Albrecht

Racial Disparity in Arrests Increased as Crime Rates Declined (WP-20-28) 
Beth Redbird and Kat Albrecht

Salience and Taxation with Imperfect Competition (WP-20-29) 
Kory Kroft, Jean-William Laliberté, René Leal Vizcaíno, and Matthew Notowidigdo

How Affective Polarization Shapes Americans' Political Beliefs: A Study of Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic (WP-20-30) 
James Druckman, Samara Klar, Yanna Krupnikov, Matthew Levendusky, and John Barry Ryan

Social Norms as a Barrier to Women's Employment in Developing Countries (WP-20-31) 
Seema Jayachandran
More Working Papers

IPR's events for the winter 2021 quarter will be held online. Registration is required to joinYou can always find the latest event information by visiting our online calendar. 

March 1: "Trends in Hiring Discrimination Against Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Western Countries" by Lincoln Quillian (IPR/ Soc.) 

March 8: "When Democracy Exaggerates Difference" by Monica Prasad (IPR/ Soc.) 

You can always find the latest event information by visiting our online calendar. 
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