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A WISE(r) Way to Measure Water Insecurity

How frequently does a person worry about water? How often can they not wash their hands due to water issues? Over the past 10 years, IPR anthropologist Sera Young has collaborated with colleagues around the world to develop and validate scales for measuring lived experiences with water.

A list of 15 gender-informed, priority recommendations was released on World Water Day on March 22 by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) to enhance the U.N.'s current indicators for monitoring clean water and sanitation.

The WHO and UNICEF recommend using the globally validated Individual Water Insecurity Experiences, or IWISE, Scales, developed by Young and colleagues to analyze water insecurity by age and gender.

Research News

Guided Parent-Child Discussions Can Help Address Subtle Racism

Research by IPR psychologist Sylvia Perry and her colleagues shows that when parents talk about racism with their children, negative biases toward Black people are significantly reduced in both parent and child.

Faculty Research in Brief

This month’s new research from our faculty experts investigates adolescent experiences and wellbeing during the pandemic and a community violence intervention program in Chicago. 

Immigrants Are Significantly Less Likely to Commit Crimes Than the U.S.-Born

A study by IPR economist Elisa Jácome finds over a 150-year period, immigrants have never been incarcerated at a greater rate than those born in the United States.

Faculty Insights

"Really, we're looking at turnout that hasn't been this low in a presidential year for at least 12 years. … For most people, voting is really about motivation, it's emotional, and we just don't have that at a national or statewide level."
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