PhD students in a classroom

Currently, more than 30 Northwestern PhD students from across
the University are selected to work with faculty researchers at IPR as
graduate research assistants each year. Of the nearly 700 graduate students IPR has trained across its five decades, many have gone on to land positions
in academia, government, and research in the United States and abroad.
Three recently shared how IPR has influenced their research and careers.

Faculty Highlights
Charles F. Manski
Econometrician Charles F.
s work is deeply rooted in methodology, but inexorably tied to policy and motivated by real-world problems. He explains how "unlearning and discovery" led to field-changing insights.
Department of Sociology Building
Problem Solving-Sociologists

Sociologist Monica Prasad started
a dissertation workshop to offer coaching and feedback for PhD students from around the nation. It aims to launch PhD students as problem-solving sociologists.
Research News
Woman looking at Post-It notes in an office
Changing Stereotypes

A new meta-analysis looking at gender stereotypes from 1946–2018 by psychologist Alice Eagly and
her colleagues finds that women
are now regarded as just as competent as men, but still not as ambitious, aggressive, or decisive. 
Painting of a woman amidst a crowd
'Remaking a Life'

Sociologist and African American studies researcher Celeste
examines the transition of "dying from" to "living with" HIV/ AIDS in her new book, Remaking a Life.
Police tape in front of an intersection
Program Shown to
Deter Gun Violence

A new study by sociologists Andrew Papachristos and George Wood 
finds that the Violence Reduction Strategy program, which aims to reduce gun violence in Chicago, deterred about 100 instances of
gun violence over two years.
Empty classroom
August Research Recaps Recent Faculty Studies

Check out some of the latest research from IPR faculty researchers, including how the "incumbency advantage" helps political candidates and whether refugees have an impact on their classmates' education. 
"With classes at many universities either already started or starting soon, college and university administrators need to think about how they can protect and support students, faculty, and staff who are on the front lines of the fight for greater tolerance, racial justice, and gender equity." 
Books to Read
Cover of the novel Rebellion, Love, Betrayal
Rebellion, Love, Betrayal

A new novel by IPR's John Heinz looks at dissent and political violence in the 1960s. In writing it, Heinz combined his long-time interest in government tracking of political dissidents with his desire to tell a story that grapples with difficult
moral decisions. 
Working Papers
Labor's Legacy: The Construction of Subnational Work Regulation
(WP-19-01) Daniel Galvin

Does School Spending Matter? The New Literature on an Old Question     
(WP-19-02) Kirabo Jackson

An Extra Year to Learn English? Early Grade Retention and the Human Capital Development of English Language Learners 
(WP-19-03) David Figlio and Umut Ozek
More Working Papers
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October 7Emma Adam (IPR/SESP) will kick off the 2019–20 IPR Fay Lomax Cook Monday Colloquium Series
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