At a recent IPR panel, political scientist Laurel Harbridge-Yong, media scholar Rachel Davis Mersey, and economist Robert Gordon discussed what the record-breaking midterms might mean for Congress, the media, and the economy over next two years and for the 2020 presidential election.

Mechanical engineer and IPR associate Elizabeth Gerber set out to make toys, not get a PhD. Now, she studies what she calls “collective innovation,” the process of discovering new products and services interactively with the community.
How Contempt Divides America

Arthur C. Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, discussed the "national crisis" of extreme polarization and what we can do to fix it.
Chicago's 'Crime Gap'

In a new study, IPR sociologist Andrew Papachristos finds violent crime has declined overall but remains concentrated in the most disadvantaged communities.
What's Next for Healthcare?

As the dust settles from the midterms, Vox senior health policy correspondent Sarah Kliff spoke about what to expect for U.S. healthcare policy and the Affordable Care Act.
"Given how valuable it has been to be able to measure household food insecurity, it is stunning that we can’t do the same for water. It seems that inadequate access to water of acceptable quality and quantity is likely an enormous issue in the United States."
Sera Young"U.S. Water Security Falls Short"
The Hill
Awards & Honors
IPR education researcher and statistician Larry Hedges accepted the Yidan Prize for Education Research in Hong Kong on December 10. Watch a video that examines how his contributions to meta-analysis have “fundamentally transformed how we understand data, especially noisy data.”

Congratulations to IPR economist Jonathan Guryan, who codirects the Education Lab at the University of Chicago Urban Labs. The lab received $15 million from AbbVie to give more students the resources to stay in school and succeed in life. 

IPR political scientist James Druckman and social policy professor and IPR associate Cynthia Coburn were appointed to the National Academies’ Standing Committee on Advancing Science Communication Research and Practice.
More Awards and Honors
Working Papers
Dangers of a Double-Bottom Line: A Poverty Targeting Experiment Misses Both Targets (WP-18-09)
Dean Karlan, Adam Osman, and Jonathan Zinman

Balancing 2020 Census Cost and Accuracy: Consequences for Congressional Apportionment and Fund Allocations (WP-18-10)
Zachary Seeskin and Bruce Spencer

Age and High-Growth Entrepreneurship (WP-18-11)
Pierre Azoulay, Benjamin Jones, J. Daniel Kim, and Javier Miranda
More Working Papers
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