Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy Workshop

The Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy Program at IPR brings together faculty and graduate students in several disciplines at Northwestern who are conducting research on how political and institutional dynamics shape policymaking processes in the United States and in other post-industrial societies.

The Program plans a monthly workshop, beginning in the winter 2002. We will host events approximately once a month organized around themes of interest to the group. In the winter and spring of 2002, the theme is Race, Public Opinion, and Public Policy. For each event, we will focus on the work of a visiting scholar or a member of the group, usually with a reading available beforehand, opportunities to meet individually and collectively with the speaker, and a talk followed by comments and questions posed by discussant(s).

Our events will usually be held either in 201 Scott or 212 Scott in the Department of Political Science, usually Tuesday afternoons at 4 PM. For further information, please contact Patricia Reese at p-reese@northwestern.edu.

We have the following speakers lined up for the winter and spring:

January 22, Tuesday
David Sears, Professor of Political Science and Psychology, UCLA
"Racial Policy, Religion, and the Partisan Realignment of Southern Whites"
Discussants: Alice Eagly and Jeff Manza

February 19, Tuesday
Robert Lieberman, Associate Professor of Political Science, Columbia
"Racial Incorporation in the Welfare State: A Comparative Perspective"
Discussant: Ann Orloff

March 4, Monday (joint with the Chicago/Urban Studies workshop)
Eric Oliver, Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, Princeton
"Racial Prejudice in Multi-Ethnic Settings"
Discussant: Reuel Rogers

April 23, Tuesday
Paul Sniderman, Professor of Political Science, Stanford
"A Political Theory of the Politics of Race"
Discussant: Dennis Chong

April 30, Tuesday (joint with the Chicago/Urban Studies workshop)
Alice O'Connor, Associate Professor of History, UC Santa Barbara
(Title and discussants TBA)

Mid-late May
Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
(Precise date, title, discussants TBA)