2012 Joint OSC/IPR Workshop

Inequalities, Neighborhoods, and Institutionsin the United States and France 

Hosted by the Observatoire Sociologique du Changement (OSC) at Sciences Po andco-sponsored by the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University

June 21-22, 2012
98, rue de l'Université
Salle Annick Percheron
Sciences Po
75007 Paris

Faculty and graduate students from Sciences Po's Observatoire Sociologique du Changement and Northwestern's Institute for Policy Research will gather to share their research and discuss ideas and opportunities for further collaboration and exchange in related areas of research.

Schedule - June 21

8:30-9:00a.m. Welcome and Coffee
9:00-9:30a.m. INTRODUCTIONS
  • Alain Chenu, Professor of Sociology, Sciences Po, OSC Director
  • Fay Lomax Cook, Professor of Human Development & Social Policy and Political Science, IPR Director, Northwestern University
9:30-11:10a.m. SESSION 1- Chair: Fay Lomax Cook
  • "Inequalities and Meritocracy" Marie Duru-Bellat, OSC, and Elise Tenret, UFD
  • "Promoting Successful School-to-Work Transitions Among Low-Income, Minority Youth" Barton Hirsch, NU-IPR & HDSP
  • "'High Expectations, High Support: How One Organization Prepares Young Adults for Career Advancement." Dawna Goens, NU-Sociology
11:10-11:25a.m. Break
SESSION 2 - Chair: Alain Chenu
  • "Socioeconomic Status and the Lead-IQ Link: Intergenerational Effects of the Environment on Intelligence" Joseph Ferrie, NU-IPR & Economics
  • "The Role of Personal and Professional Networks in School Choice" Agnès van Zanten, OSC
  • "Information Shocks and the Take-Up of Social Programs" David Figlio, NU-IPR & HDSP
1:05-2:15p.m. Lunch
2:15-3:55p.m. SESSION 3 - Chair: David Figlio
  • "The Impact of the School District Policy Reform: Urban Inequalities and the Feeling of Discrimination” Marco Oberti, OSC, and Clément Rivière, UMB
  • "'High School Counselors and College Attendance” Kelly Becker, NU-IPR & Sociology
  • "The Emergence of ‘Potential’ as an Alternative Category of Academic Judgement? Access Schemes and the Renewal of Paradigms on Excellence in French and English Elite Higher Education" Annabelle Allouch, OSC
6:30-9:00p.m. Dinner cruise

Schedule - June 22

9:00-11:10a.m. SESSION 4 - Chair: Marie Duru-Bellat
  • How do Urban High Schools Help Low-Income Students Prepare for College? James Rosenbaum, NU-IPR & HDSP
  • Reducing Juvenile Delinquency by Building Social-Cognitive Skills: Experimental Evidence Jonathan Guryan, NU-IPR & HDSP
  • "The Roots of Inequality: The Academic Achievement of Children of Immigrants in France" Mathieu Ichou, OSC
  • "European Variations in Social Inequalities in Students' Cognitive Achievement: The Role of the Institutional Structure of the Educational System" Noémie Le Donné, Crest
11:10-11:20a.m. Break
SESSION 5 - Chair: Tom Cook
  • “Voter Turnout and Social Disaffiliation in Contemporary Urban France: An Ecological Approach” Alain Chenu, OSC
  • "Carbon Footprint and Lifestyles" Philippe Coulangeon, OSC, and Ivaylo Petev, CREST-INSEE
  • "Family Characteristics, Sources of Income, and Poverty Among U.S. Adults Across Business Cycles, 1979-2011" Christine Percheski, NU-IPR & Sociology 
1:00-2:00p.m. Lunch
2:00-5:40p.m. SESSSION 6 - Chari: Marco Oberti
  • "Housing Trade-Offs Facing Poor Families in the U.S.A." Thomas D. Cook, NU-IPR & Sociology
  • "Comparative Analysis of Urban Segregation: Paris-Chicago" Hugues Lagrange, OSC, and Lincoln Quillian, NU-IPR & Sociology
  • "Socio-Spatial Models of Electoral Behavior in European Deprived Neighborhoods" 


Responsable scientifique, OSC, Sciences Po
Marco Oberti • marco.oberti@sciences-po.fr • Tel: 011.331.

Chair, IPR's Urban Policy and Community Development Program
Lincoln Quillian • l-quillian@northwestern.edu

Associate Director, IPR:
David Figlio • figlio@northwestern.edu • Tel: 001.847.467.1503