Annual Summer Workshops

Each summer, IPR hosts several national workshops in and around Northwestern University's Evanston campus, led by IPR faculty with funding from various sources.

Cluster-Randomized Trials
This two-week, in-depth training institute covers a range of specific topics in the design, implementation, and analysis of data for use in cluster-randomized trials, allowing researchers to account for the group effects of teachers and classrooms when measuring an intervention’s effects on individual student achievement. The National Center for Education Research in the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences provides support.
Organizers: Larry V. Hedges and Spyros Konstantopoulos

Summer Institute on Biological Approaches in the Social Sciences (SIBASS)
This weeklong workshop aims to introduce early-career social science scholars to the theory, basic biology, and methods needed to collect and analyze biological processes in the service of social science research agendas. SIBASS is intended to provide broad training in human biological systems, with the goal of helping attendees conduct in-depth process research linking social context, biology, and human capital. It receives funding from the Russell Sage Foundation and the JBP Foundation.
Organizers: Greg Miller, Thomas McDade, and Emma Adam