Quantitative Methods for Policy Research

The Center for Improving Methods for Quantitative Policy Research (Q-Center)

Increasing rigor and quantification in research are transforming the social sciences and social policy research. Yet social scientists often struggle in isolation to develop solutions to common methodological problems. In response, the Q-Center has drawn together a group of national experts to bridge this gap and improve methodological research and training in policy research through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Recent Research

Find out more about faculty research that englobes data collection for large populations, methodology in social experiments, quasi-experiments, and meta-analysis, in addition to addressing other common methodological problems and solutions. 

Working Papers and Publications

Recently published articles and working papers in this program area include:

Faculty Experts

This group of interdisciplinary scholars represents statistics, education and social policy, political science, and other fields. Learn more about them through their bios, research, and publications.

Tools and Data

Find resources and tools for methodological research, including a link to the Online Intraclass Correlational Database.

Workshops and Training

Faculty run several summer workshops to improve methodology and experimentation in education research. A postdoctoral training program is also available.