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Recent Highlights

  • The paper "Promoting parents' social capital to increase children's attendance in Head Start: Evidence from an experimental intervention" was accepted for publication in the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. Sommer, Sabol, Chase-Lansdale, and recent graduate Zong Yang Huang co-authored the paper, along with Mario Small, Henry Wilde, and Sean Brown. 


Edited Volumes

King, C., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., & Small, M. (Eds). (2015). Two Generations. One Future: An Anthology from the Ascend Fellowship. Washington, DC: The Aspen Institute.

Sommer T.E., Sabol, T., Smith, T. , Dow, S., Barczak, M., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Brooks-Gunn, J., Yoshikawa, H., & King, C. (2015). Promoting education: The two-generation approach of the Community Action Project of Tulsa, OK. In C. King, P.L. Chase-Lansdale, & M. Small (Eds.), Two Generations. One Future: An Anthology from the Ascend Fellowship. Washington, DC: The Aspen Institute.

Journal Articles

Sommer, T. E., Sabol, T. J., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Small, M., Wilde, H., Brown, S., & Huang, Z. Y. (in press). Promoting parents' social capital to increase children's attendance in Head Start: Evidence from an experimental intervention. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness.

Sabol, T. J., & Chase-Lansdale, P. L. (2015). The influence of low-income children’s participation in Head Start on their parents’ education and employmentJournal of Policy Analysis and Management, 34(1), 136–61.

Sabol, T. J.Sommer, T. E.Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Brooks-Gunn, J., Yoshikawa, H., King, C., Kathawalla, U., Alamuddin, R., Gomez, C., & Ross, E. C. (2015). Parent’s persistence and certification in a two-generation education and training programChildren and Youth Services Review, 58, 1-10.

Chase-Lansdale, P. L., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2014). Two-generation programs in the 21st century. Future of Children, 24(1), 12–39.

Sommer, T. E.Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Brooks-Gunn, J., Gardner, M., Rauner, D. M., & Freel, K. (2012). Early childhood education centers and mothers’ postsecondary attainment: A new conceptual framework for a dual-generation education intervention. Teachers College Record, 114, 1–40.

Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Moffitt, R. A., Lohman, B. J., Cherlin, A. J., Coley, R. L., Pittman, L. D., Roff, J., & Votruba-Drzal, E. (2003). Mothers’ transitions from welfare to work and the well-being of preschoolers and adolescentsScience, 299(5612), 1548–52.

Book Chapters and Reports

Gardner, M., Brooks-Gunn, J., & Chase-Lansdale, P. L. (in press). The two-generation approach to building human capital: Past, present, and future. In E. Votruba-Drzal & E. Dearing (Eds.), Handbook of Early Childhood Development Programs, Practices, and Policies: Theory-based and Empirically-supported Strategies for Promoting Young Children's Growth in the United States. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Yoshikawa, H., Nieto, A. M., Sommer, T. E., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Weisner, T. S., & Senders, O. (in press). Money, time and peers in antipoverty programs for low-income families. In C.S. Tamis-LeMonda & L. Balter (Eds.), Child Psychology: A Handbook of Contemporary Issues. New York, NY: Taylor and Francis.

Sabol, T. J.Sommer, T. E., & Chase-Lansdale, P. L. (2015). Transforming the lives of parents and children together: two-generation educational programs as anti-poverty strategies. Essay prepared for Illinois Kids Count 2015.

Sommer, T. E., Sabol, T. J.Chase-Lansdale, P. L., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2015). Two-generation educational programs for parents and their young children. In S. Jones & N. Lesaux (Eds.), The Leading Edge of Early Childhood Education: Linking Science to Policy for a New Generation of Pre-Kindergarten. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Coley, R. L., Li-Grining, C. P., & Chase-Lansdale, P. L. (2006). Low-income families' child care experiences: Meeting the needs of children and families. In N. Cabrera, R. Hutchins, & H. E. Peters (Eds.), From Welfare to Child Care: What Happens to Young Children when Mothers Exchange Welfare for WorkMahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Chase-Lansdale, P. L., & Duncan, G. J. (2001). Lessons learned. In G. J. Duncan & P. L. Chase-Lansdale (Eds.), For Better and for Worse: Welfare Reform and the Well-Being of Children and FamiliesNew York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Manuscripts Under Review or In Progress

Gardner, M., Brooks-Gunn, J., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Sommer, T. E., Rauner, D. M., & Freel, K. (in progress). The barriers to postsecondary education among low-income mothers of young children and the promise of a two-generation intervention approach.

Study and Grant Reports

CAP Year 1 Report (2012)

CAP Year 2 Report (2013)

CAP Year 3 Report (2014)

CAP Year 4 Report (2015)

The HPOG University Partnership Research Grant Brief (2015)

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