Current Updates



  • We'd like to welcome our new research assistants, Katherine Liu (2019), Ross Baker (2020), and Reena Burt (2020).



  • We are pleased to announce the Northwestern University Two-Generation Research Initiative under Principal Investigator, Sommer, was awarded a University Partnership Research Grant for the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG II) Program. The study titled, "The Northwestern University Two-Generation Study (NU2Gen) of Parent and Child Human Capital Advancement,” will employ a subsample of participants in NU2Gen and consists of two parts: (1) the Two-Generation Human Capital Outcomes Study; and (2) the Two-Generation Exploratory Mechanisms Study. 


  • Chor's paper, "Multigenerational Head Start Participation: An Unexpected Marker Progress" was accepted for publication in Child Development


  • Chor presented a case study of CAP Tulsa's ESL program at the Administration for Children and Families' 2016 National Research Conference on Early Childhood. Co-author on the panel paper includes Sommer. The paper was part of the larger symposium titled "Two-Generation Programs in Head Start: Three Experimental Studies of Aligned Parent and Child Interventions."
  • Sabol and Chor also presented their work at the conference on a panel titled, "Can Early Childhood Education Support Both Parents and Children, or Does One Come at a Cost to the Other?" Chor discussed her study, "Multigenerational Head Start Participation and Socio-economic School Readiness Gaps" and Sabol presented, "Does Increased Investment in Parents’ Human Capital Relate to Changes in Investment in Early Education Quality?"
  • Team members Cooperman, Glazier-Torgerson, Olivia Healy, Kessler, and Ross also presented posters at the conference.  


  • Congratulations to Research Assistants Zong Huang and Laura Milstein on their graduation from Northwestern!
  • We'd like to welcome our new IPR Summer Fellows: Ali Pelczar (2017), Megan Angell (2019), and Yuqi Zhang (2018). 


  • Sommer presented on the team's scope of two-generation research for the Better Outcomes Through a 2Gen Approach: Federal Agencies Focus on Serving Whole Families forum through the U.S. Department of Education. The title of her presentation was, "Show me the evidence: Are two-generation anti-poverty interventions better than single-generation approaches?" 


  • We'd like to welcome Will Schneider as the new IPR postdoctoral fellow. Read more about Schneider's areas of interest on our Research Team page. 
  • Sommer presented on the team's two-generation research for the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


  • Chase-Landsdale and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn's 2014 article on two-generation programming in Future of Children has been featured in the Pacific Standard.


  • Our program partner CAP Tulsa released three videos about their CareerAdvance® program. Check them out on our Media Coverage page!



  • The Northwestern Two-Generation Research Initiative is excited to be starting a new study in collaboration with CAP Tulsa and Oklahoma State University, called the Northwestern University Two-Generation Child and Family Outcomes Study of CAP Tulsa's CareerAdvance® Program. More information can be found on our Current Research page. 


  • Sommer presented a case study of CAP Tulsa's ESL program at the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management Fall Research Conference. Co-authors on the panel paper included Chor and Chase-Lansdale. The paper was part of the larger panel "Two-Generation Programs in Head Start: Three Experimental Studies of Parent and Child Interventions."
  • Sommer was also a discussant on the panel "Engaging Low-Income Parents in Early Childhood Programs."


  • Chase-Lansdale and Sommer presented research on an experimental social capital intervention at the 2015 Aspen ThinkXChange. The national forum was held October 7-9, 2015.



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