2001 and 2003 CAPS Evaluation Citywide Survey Documentation

Wesley G. Skogan

This report documents two citywide sample surveys conducted as part of an evaluation of Chicago’s community policing program, known as “CAPS.” The surveys assessed public perceptions of the quality of police service, their encounters with the police, fear of crime, reports of neighborhood conditions, and awareness and involvement in the city’s policing program. The surveys were conducted by telephone in English and Spanish, using random-digit-dialing samples. Questionnaire responses were used to geocode respondents into police districts and police beats. There were 2,485 completed interviews in 2001, and 3,141 completed interviews in 2004. The surveys were conducted by the Survey Research Laboratory of the University of Illinois-Chicago. This report presents English and Spanish-language versions of the survey questionnaires. A detailed methodological report for each study is presented following the questionnaires.

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