The Fall 2003 Police Information Technology Adoption Survey

Wesley G. Skogan and Susan M. Hartnett

This paper documents the methodology used in a telephone survey of Chicago suburban police departments which was conducted during October and November 2003. The study had two purposes. The first was to describe the scope of agency utilization of the data warehouse, which is an information repository developed by the Chicago police department to produce a variety of relational reports using modern, flexible database query software. The second purpose of the study was to explain variations in the timing and extent of data warehouse use. The paper covers questionnaire development, interviewer recruitment and training, samples and completion rates, data organization and reliability, and learning experiences from the field. Two hundred seventy-five interviews were completed at 142 Chicago suburban police agencies. One hundred forty-one interviews were conducted with a primary respondent and 134 interviews were conducted with a secondary respondent at the agencies. The paper includes the two survey instruments.

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