Institute for Public Safety Partnerships: A First Year Evaluation

Jennifer Comey and Marianne Kaiser

This paper evaluates the first year of the new Institute for Public Safety Partnerships (IPSP). The Institute is one of 35 regional community policing institutes funded recently by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). IPSP was established as a partnership between the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Chicago Alliance for Neighborhood Safety (CANS), and a number of police and sheriffs' departments in Illinois. The purpose of IPSP is to provide basic and advanced community-policing training and technical assistance, to advance the state of the art in community-policing education and training, and to advance the application of new and different training and technical assistance delivery systems in small and mid-sized towns throughout Illinois. The report looks in-depth at the development of the Institute and the community-policing curriculum, as well as evaluates the training conducted in six Illinois sites. The report provides trainees' opinions of the training and evaluators recommendations for the Institute's second year of operations.