Illinois Families Study

The Illinois Families Study was a six-year panel study of 1,362 families who are moving from welfare to work in nine Illinois counties. Mandated by the state legislature and directed by Northwestern University social policy expert and IPR associate Dan Lewis, the researchers reported annually to the General Assembly on how these welfare recipients fared in their efforts to find and retain jobs and reduce their dependency on public aid.

Conducted by the University Consortium on Welfare Reform, the Illinois Families Study focused on four key issues: workforce participation, job retention and advancement, children's well-being, and family stability. Annual reports to the state legislature are available below.

The Two Worlds of Welfare Reform in Illinois (July 2004)

Preserving the Gains, Rethinking the Losses: Welfare in Illinois Five Years Afer Reform (April 2003)

Welfare Reform in Illinois: Is the Moderate Approach Working? (May 2002)

Work, Welfare, and Well-Being: An Independent Look at Welfare Reform in Illinois (November 2000)