2018 Working Papers

Working Paper Title


politics The Limits of Policy Feedback as a Party-Building Tool (WP-18-16) Daniel Galvin and Chloe Thurston
flu pandemic Fetal Shock or Selection? The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and Human Capital Development (WP-18-15) Brian Beach, Joseph Ferrie, and Martin Saavedra
minimum-wage From Labor Law to Employment Law: The Changing Politics of Workers' Rights (WP-18-14) Daniel Galvin
boycott Do Private Politics Undermine Democratic Responsiveness? (WP-18-13) James Druckman and Julia Valdes
republican democrat What Do We Measure When We Measure Affective Partisanship? (WP-18-12) James Druckman and Matthew Levendusky
startup Age and High-Growth Entrepreneurship (WP-18-11) Pierre Azoulay, Benjamin Jones, J. Daniel Kim, and Javier Miranda
census Balancing 2020 Census Cost and Accuracy: Consequences for Congressional Apportionment and Fund Allocations (WP-18-10) Zachary Seeskin and Bruce Spencer
loan Dangers of a Double-Bottom Line: A Poverty Targeting Experiment Misses Both Targets (WP-18-09) Dean Karlan, Adam Osman, and Jonathan Zinman
church Randomizing Religion: The Impact of Protestant Evangelism on Economic Outcomes (WP-18-08) Gharad Bryan, James Choi, and Dean Karlan
credit Measuring the Equilibrium Impacts of Credit: Evidence from the Indian Microfinance Crisis (WP-18-07) Emily Breza and Cynthia Kinnan
classroom The Effect of Education on Mortality and Health: Evidence from a Schooling Expansion in Romania (WP-18-06) Ofer Malamud, Andreea Mitrut, and Cristian Pop-Eleches
rupees Debt Traps? Market Vendors and Moneylender Debt in India and the Philippines (WP-18-05) Dean Karlan, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Benjamin Roth

Abhijit Banerjee, Dean Karlan, Robert Darko Osei, Hannah Trachtman, and Christopher Udry


Amy Finkelstein and Matthew Notowidigdo


Kirabo Jackson, Cora Wigger, and Heyu Xiong


Kelsey Jack, Seema Jayachandran, and Sarojini Rao

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