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Women in Power Can Help Girls Dream Bigger

A new study, co-authored by IPR economist Lori Beaman, examines the impact of an affirmative action law in India that reserves leadership positions for women in village councils. Published in Science, the research shows that such laws can increase girls' career aspirations and erase the gender gap in adolescent educational attainment. MORE


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Faculty Awards & Honors 
Larry Hedges

Teresa Woodruff co-founded a Northwestern Medicine program for high school girls that was a recipient of a Presidential Award. MORE

MORE faculty awards & honors.

Faculty in the Media
The Economist
Who exactly are the 1%?
A new study led by Benjamin Page, with colleagues including IPR Director Fay Lomax Cook, sheds light on how the wealthiest 1 percent think about social and economic issues and engage in politics.
Inside Higher Ed
Warnings of unintended consequences
According to Burton Weisbrod, Barack Obama's warning to colleges about rising tuition costs might result in new or increased student fees for library access or other expenses previously considered part of tuition.
Education Week
Study finds single-sex schools benefit some—but not all
Kirabo Jackson has conducted one of the first studies to credibly link the effects of single-sex education to student achievement. While a select few benefit from attending single-sex schools, he finds little to no difference in achievement for most of the students.
Chicago Tonight
Presidential politics
Laurel Harbridge appeared on Chicago Tonight to discuss the fundraising and re-election efforts of President Obama, as well as recent developments among G.O.P candidates battling for the Republican presidential nomination.
Find these and other clips HERE.
News & Research
Better Measure for Racial Disparities in Causes of Death
IPR social demographer Quincy Thomas Stewart proposes a supplemental method for estimating and comparing death rates that could lead to a better understanding of the racial gap in causes of death. His "cause-deleted index" might help to pinpoint the leading causes of death with much greater accuracy and lead to more targeted prevention policies for diseases such as cancer and heart disease. MORE

Politics Catches Up with Views on Income Inequality
IPR sociologist Leslie McCall combs through two decades of public opinion research to explain why popular movements and presidential speeches are catching up with what Americans have long thought about income inequality. The public’s concerns about income inequality have remained constant, she argues, but what’s new is how the black box of business practices has been opened to public scrutiny and deliberation. MORE

The Nanotechnology Challenge: Tiny Particles, Big Risks
As nanotechnology development zooms ahead, research on its effects on health and the environment lags. A new book edited by IPR associate and law professor David Dana, with contributions from IPR faculty James Druckman and Daniel Diermeier, explores ways to address this gap. MORE

Interested in Cluster-Randomized Trials? Apply to the CRT Summer Institute
Applications are now being accepted for the 2012 Summer Research Training Institute on Cluster-Randomized Trials (CRT), sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences. The Institute, run by Spyros Konstantopoulos of Michigan State with IPR statistician Larry Hedges, aims to increase the national capacity of researchers to develop and conduct rigorous evaluations of the impact of education interventions. It will take place July 15 to 26 at Northwestern. MORE

New IPR Working Papers
'Dying From' to 'Living With': Framing Institutions and the Coping Processes of African American Women Living with HIV/AIDS” (WP-12-01)
Celeste Watkins-Hayes, LaShawnDa Pittman-Gay, and Jean Beaman
“Identification of Preferences and Evaluation of
Income Tax Policy”  
Charles F. Manski
“Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Childhood Investments on Postsecondary Attainment and Degree Completion” (WP-12-03)
Susan Dynarski, Joshua Hyman, and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
“Adequate (or Adipose?) Yearly Progress: Assessing the Effect of ‘No Child Left Behind‘ on Children’s Obesity” (WP-12-04)
Patricia Anderson, Kristin Butcher, and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
Find the complete list of IPR working papers HERE.

Upcoming Events

2/13/12 - “Social Suffering, Emotional Distress, and Diabetes Self-Care Among Mexicans in the United States” by Rebecca Seligman

2/14/12 - “The Hidden Role of Propensity Scores” by Ben Hansen (U. of Michigan)

2/20/12 - “Triangulating Theory, Measurement Science, and Neuroscience to Elucidate the Boundaries of Developmental Psychopathology” by Lauren Wakschlag (IPR/MSS)

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