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Kirabo Jackson

Are Single-Sex Schools Better at Educating Students?

IPR labor economist Kirabo Jackson has conducted one of the first studies to credibly link the effects of single-sex education to student achievement. While a select few benefit from attending single-sex schools, he finds little to no difference in achievement for most students in the sample. MORE

Faculty Awards & Honors 
Larry Hedges
Larry Hedges was appointed by President Barack Obama to the National Board for Education Sciences.  MORE
Dorothy Roberts
Dorothy Roberts is one of 10 newly elected fellows of The Hastings Center, a nonpartisan research institute devoted to bioethics.  MORE
MORE faculty awards & honors.

Faculty in the Media
Dads have less testosterone
A study co-authored by Lee Gettler, Christopher Kuzawa, and Thomas McDade conclusively showing that testosterone levels drop in men once they have children was one of Time magazine’s top 2011 new findings in parenting.
Chicago Magazine
HIV/AIDS and the 99 percent
Celeste Watkins-Hayes is this month's writer-in-residence for Chicago Magazine's blog "Off the Grid." Her first weekly post discusses economic inequality's affect on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.
The Washington Post
Why can’t policymakers deal with uncertainty?
A Washington Post blog cites Charles F. Manski’s research, which calls for allowing official government forecasts to express uncertainty and more honestly portray the fragile nature of policy predictions and analysis.
The New York Times
Label plan offered to rate food nutrition
An Institute of Medicine study committee, chaired by Ellen Wartella, released a report calling for an Energy Star-like nutrition rating system for food labels.
The Economist
The gain from early intervention
A working paper co-authored by Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach finds that reducing elementary school class sizes may boost college enrollment and degree completion.
Find these and other clips HERE.
News & Research
Parents Help Preteens Lie About Age to Join Facebook
A report co-authored by IPR associate and media researcher Eszter Hargittai shows that many parents are complicit in helping their preteen children lie so they can join age-restricted sites like Facebook,
with implications for privacy protection. MORE

Ways to Help Low-Income Students’ Access College
Recent studies lead by IPR education researcher James Rosenbaum help chart ways for low-income students to access college by identifying the cultural barriers in the application process and implementing postsecondary coaching programs. MORE

Moving Can Improve Health of Low-Income Women
A study, co-authored by IPR developmental psychobiologist Emma Adam, IPR anthropologist Thomas McDade, and their colleagues, shows that the mothers of poor families who move to more affluent neighborhoods can see long-term improvements in their health, notably in reductions of diabetes and extreme obesity. MORE

The 1 Percent and the Common Good
A Northwestern pilot study is believed to be the first representative, systematic effort to survey the opinions, attitudes and behaviors of America's wealthiest 1 percent. Led by IPR associate and political scientist Benjamin Page, and colleagues including IPR director and social policy professor Fay Lomax Cook, the study sheds light on how the 1 percent think about social and economic issues and engage in politics. MORE

New IPR Working Papers
Find the complete list of IPR working papers HERE.
“Instructional Advice and Information-Seeking Behavior in Elementary Schools: Exploring Tie Formation as a Building Block in Social Capital Development" (WP-11-14)
James Spillane, Chong Min Kim, and Kenneth Frank
“Wealthy Americans, Philanthropy, and the Common Good"  (WP-11-13)
Benjamin Page, Fay Lomax Cook, and Rachel Moskowitz
“Deterrence and the Death Penalty: Partial Identification Analysis Using Repeated Cross Sections" (WP-11-12)
Charles F. Manski and John Pepper
“Congressional Campaign Communications in an Internet Age” (WP-11-11)
James Druckman
“Counter-Framing Effects” (WP-11-10)
Dennis Chong and James Druckman
“Learning More from Political Communication Experiments:
The Importance of Pretreatment Effects”
James Druckman and Thomas Leeper
“What Affluent Americans Want from Politics” (WP-11-08)
Benjamin Page and Cari Lynn Hennessy

Upcoming Events

1/9/12 - “School Accountability and Family Sorting” by David Figlio (IPR/SESP)

1/23/12 - “Resilience in the Rust Belt: Michigan Democrats and the UAW” by Daniel Galvin (IPR/Political Science)

1/26/12 - “Calibrated Bayes, Models, and the Role of Randomization in Surveys and Experiments” by Roderick Little (U.S. Census)

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