IPR Distinguished Public Policy Lectures

Jocelyn Samuels

Executive Director of the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles,"LGBT Rights: Threats and Opportunities," February 20, 2019.

Arthur C. Brooks

President of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and Beth and Ravenel Curry Scholar in Free Enterprise, “Reuniting America in a Time of Extreme Polarization,” November 7, 2018.

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Fay Lomax Cook

Professor of Human Development and Social Policy (on leave), Assistant Director, National Science Foundation (NSF), and Head of the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate (NSF), IPR Fellow, "The Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier," April 26, 2018

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Kathryn Edin

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology and of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins University, “Beyond $2 a Day: Solutions for Breaking the Cycle of Extreme Poverty,” February 16, 2017

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Andrew Cherlin

Benjamin H. Griswold III Professor of Public Policy, Johns Hopkins University, “The Economy, the Family, and Working Class Discontent,” October 26, 2016

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Andrew Leigh

Member of Parliament, Australian Parliament; Shadow Assistant Treasurer; and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, “Humans Need Not Apply: Will the Robot Economy Pit Entrepreneurship Against Equality?” October 27, 2015

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James Heckman

Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor of Economics; Founding Director, Center for the Economics of Human Development, University of Chicago; Recipient of the 2000 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, "A Conversation with James Heckman,” April 27, 2015

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Robert Kaplan

Chief Science Officer, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Professor Emeritus of Health Policy and Management, UCLA, “Patient-Centered Outcomes: Do We Need a New Paradigm for Biomedical Research?” February 9, 2015

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Katherine Baicker

Professor of Health Economics, Department of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health, Harvard University, “A Conversation with Katherine Baicker,” October 28, 2013

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Cecilia Rouse

Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs; and Katzman and Ernst Professor in the Economics of Education, Princeton University, “A Conversation with Cecilia Rouse,” April 8, 2013

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Alan Krueger

Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers
Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University (on leave), “A Conversation with Alan Krueger,” October 8, 2012

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Robert Groves

Director, U.S. Census Bureau, and Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan (on leave), "Government Statistics and Social Science Statistics: What Is Quality?" May 2, 2011

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Austan Goolsbee

Chief Economist, President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board; Member, Council of Economic Advisers; and Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics (on leave), Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, "The Uses (and Non-Uses) of Economic Analysis in Difficult Times," April 26, 2010

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Rebecca Blank

Robert S. Kerr Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; former Dean, Ford School of Public Policy, and former Co-Director, National Poverty Center, University of Michigan, “Why Does Inequality Matter, and What Should We Do About It?” April 17, 2009

David Ellwood and Ron Haskins

Ellwood: Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University
Haskins: Co-Director of the Center on Children and Families and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Senior Consultant, Annie E. Casey Foundation, “Ten Years After Welfare Reform: Who Was Right, What Have We Learned, and Where Do We Need to Go Next?” April 23, 2007

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Heidi Hartmann

President of the Institute for Women's Policy Research; Research Professor at The George Washington University, "The Earnings Gap and Women's Long-Term Economic Security," March 29, 2006

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Robert Reich

University Professor and Maurice B. Hexter Professor of Social and Economic Policy at Brandeis University, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, "America's Real Job Problem," October 19, 2004

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Grover J. Whitehurst

Director of the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, "Making Education Evidence-Based: Premises, Principles, Pragmatics, and Politics," April 26, 2004

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John McKnight

Professor of Communication Studies, School of Communication, Faculty Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research, Co-Director of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute, Northwestern University, "Regenerating Community: The Recovery of a Space for Citizens," May 29, 2003

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Jan Schakowsky

U.S. Representative, 9th District, Illinois, "Why Citizen Activism Matters: The View from Washington," May 29, 2002

Rebecca Blank

Council of Economic Advisers, Professor of Economics and Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University, "When Can Public Policymakers Rely on Private Markets? The Effective Provision of Social Services," February 22, 1999

John Porter

U.S. Representative 10th District, Illinois, Senior Member, House Appropriations Committee, Chair, House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Subcommittee, "The New Social Security—True Retirement Security for All Americans," May 8, 1998

Paul Simon

Former U.S. Senator, Chair, The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, Southern Illinois University, "Public Policy and the American Labor Market," February 6, 1998

James Comer

Maurice Falk Professor of Psychiatry, Yale Child Study Center, "Waiting for a Miracle: Why Schools Can't Solve Our Problems--and How We Can," April 23, 1997

Eleanor Chelimsky

Former Assistant Comptroller General for Program Evaluation and Methodology, U.S. General Accounting Office, "From Incrementalism to Ideology and Back: Can Producers of Policy Information Adjust to the Full Spectrum of Political Climates?" February 29, 1996

David Ellwood

Malcolm Wiener Professor of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, "From Social Science to Social Policy? The Fate of Intellectuals, Ideas, and Ideology in the Welfare Debate in the Mid-1990s," January 11, 1996

Donna Shalala

Secretary of Health and Human Services, "The Clinton Administration's Vision of Welfare Reform," September 23, 1994