Summer 2016 Undergraduate Research Assistants

 Student                                    Faculty Sponsor              Project

Megan Angell

Class: 2019
Major(s): Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences; Economics

Dr. Terri Sabol
  • Northwestern Family Engagement Study
  • Investments in Parents' Human Capital and Early Education Quality

Robert Babich

Class: 2019
Major(s): Communication Studies and Economics

Dr. Eszter Hargittai
  • Web Use Project

Ross Chu

Class: 2017
Major(s): Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics

Dr. David Figlio
  • Effects of adverse events in home countries on immigrant outcomes

Shih-Hsuan Chuang
Class: 2018
Major(s): Economics

Dr. Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
  • The effect of changes to food stamp eligibility

Cory Colbert

Class: 2017
Major(s): Political Science and Computer Science

Dr. Thomas Ogorzalek
  • Chicago Democracy Project

Andrew Cramer

Class: 2017
Major(s): Communication Sciences

Dr. Molly Losh
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) transcription

Karishma Daftary
Class: 2017
Major(s): Biology and Psychology

Dr. Edith Chen
  • Multilevel contributors to asthma

Tory Do

Class: 2017
Major(s): Economics and Mathematics

Dr. Burton Weisbrod
  •  The perils of pay-for-performance

Bryn Dougherty

Class: 2017
Major(s): Psychology and Science in Human Culture

Dr. Greg Miller
  •  Childhood origins of health disparities

Pauline Esman
Class: 2018
Major(s): Political Science and Psychology

Dr. Robert Nelson
  •  After the Juvenile Detention Center Study of Lawyer Careers
  • The Future of Latinos Project
  • Rights on Trial manuscript project

Youwu Fang
Class: 2017

Dr. Bernard Black
  •  Medical malpractice liability and physician clinical decisions

  • Effect of Medicaid expansion on diabetes treatment and outcomes
  • Effect of capitated hospital payments on hospital behavior and patient outcomes

Tyler Goff
Class: 2018
Major(s): Economics

Dr. Burton Weisbrod
  • The perils of pay-for-performance

Leila Green
Class: 2017
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Cynthia Coburn
  • The role of research in school district policymaking

Meredith Greene
Class: 2017
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Quinn Mulroy
  • The role of private litigation in the American regulatory state
  • Measuring public attitudes toward bureaucratic and legal strategies for policy enforcement in the United States

Ariana Hammersmith
Class: 2018
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Cynthia Coburn

  • The role of research in school district policymaking

Isabel Hoffman

Class: 2019
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Emma Adam
  •  The effects of stress and sleep on cortisol levels, and how cortisol levels affect the results of standardized testing

Chernjen Lee
Class: 2018
Major(s): Economics and Political Science

Dr. Nicola Bianchi
  • The Promotion of University STEM Education: Effects on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

  • Integration effects of educational expansion
  • Breaking the Network: Evidence from an Early Retirement Program

Michelle Y. Lee

Class: 2018
Major(s): Social Policy and Statistics

Dr. James Rosenbaum
  •  Examining careers, values, and experiences of community college alumni 10 years after degree completion

Wooyoung Lee
Class: 2017


Dr. Lee Lockwood
  • Effects of Social Security and other government old-age support programs on the economy 

Zachary Lochmueller
Class: 2017
Major(s): Social Policy and Computer Science

Dr. Ellen Wartella

Carolyn Mazanec
Class: 2017
Major(s): Communication Studies and Design

Dr. Matthew Easterday
  • Digital studios and learning environments to educate social innovators


Elizabeth "Bit" Meehan
Class: 2017
Major(s): Political Science

Dr. James Druckman
  • Political campaigns on the internet

Dylan Nir

Class: 2017
Major(s): Political Science and History

Dr. Julie Lee Merseth
  • Political mobilization of immigrant communities in the context of the 2016 election

Rodney Orr

Class: 2018
Major(s): Social Policy

Dr. Lauren Wakschlag
  • "When to Worry" study 

Alison Pelczar

Class: 2017
Major(s): Sociology and Statistics

Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale
  • Two-generation programs to improve the lives of parents and children simultaneously

Katherine Senseman

Class: 2018
Major(s): Sociology and Statistics

Dr. James Spillane
  • Longitudinal study of the instructional advice and information interactions of teachers and school staff

Olivia Bird Shay
Class: 2018

Dr. Claudia Haase
  • Assessing emotional and motivational functioning in individuals and couples

Alex Sher

Class: 2018
Major(s): Journalism and Statistics

Dr. Elizabeth Gerber
  • Testing a digital platform to assist design team motivation, goal setting, and communications

Jiyoon Song
Class: 2017

Dr. Michelle Shumate
  • Study on collective impact education projects
  • How consumers and activists understand cross-sector partnerships

Makeda Nailah Springette
Class: 2017

Dr. Amelie Petitclerc
  •  Intergenerational transmission of disruptive/antisocial behavior problems

Shelby Tropio
Class: 2018
Major(s): Psychology

Dr. Jennifer Tackett
  • "Game Changers" study of adolescent leadership development

Xiaowen Yang

Class: 2018
Major(s): Secondary Education and Teaching; Mathematics

Dr. Mesmin Destin
  • School-based studies and intervention projects in partnership with Evanston and Chicago schools

Hai Yue (Brian) Yu
Class: 2017
Major(s): Economics

Dr. Matthew Notowidigdo
  •  Effect of minimum wages on college attendance

Zimin Zeng
Class: 2018
Major(s): Economics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences

Dr. Seema Jayachandran


Yuqi Zhang

Class: 2018
Major(s): Mathematics and Economics

Dr. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale
  • Effects of two-generation education programs on child and parent outcomes