Marshall Jean

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow


Marshall Jean joined IPR in the summer of 2016 after receiving his PhD in Sociology and Certificate of Education Sciences from the University of Chicago. A native of Louisiana, he has taught in a public high school in France as well as undergraduate and graduate courses on education policy and statistics. He specializes in large-scale quantitative analysis. His recent research includes the study of how student mobility affects learning growth rates, the use of surveys of student perceptions in evaluating classroom environments, the effects of homogenous ability grouping and tracking on academic engagement and learning behaviors, and the interpretation of value-added test scores.


Jean, M. 2016. Review of 2016 Brown Center report on American education—Part II: Tracking and advanced placement.

Raudenbush, S., and M. Jean. 2012. How should educators interpret value-added scores? Carnegie Knowledge Network.