Katherine Ehrlich

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow


Katherine Ehrlich is a postdoctoral fellow working with IPR fellows Greg Miller and Emma Adam. She is interested in how peoples' experiences with relationships and their capacity to regulate emotions  influences their social, emotional, and physical health. In particular, she studies how destructive relationship processes, such as conflict, influence current and long-term outcomes. She is also interested in cognitive processes within relationships, including biases in memories of relationship experiences and discrepancies in perceptions of relationship qualities. In her dissertation, Ehrlich examined adolescents’ emotion-regulation capacities and their relationships with parents and friends as unique predictors of risk behaviors in adolescent health.

Currently, Ehrlich is working with Miller and Adam to examine the role of adolescents’ relationship experiences as predictors of immune functioning, metabolic control, and HPA axis regulation.

Ehrlich received her BA in psychology from Washington and Lee University in 2006. She earned her PhD in psychology from the University of Maryland in 2012.