Cynthia Blanco

IPR Postdoctoral Fellow


Cynthia Blanco is a postdoctoral fellow working with IPR psychologist Sandra Waxman and Northwestern University's Infant and Child Development CenterShe earned her PhD in linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. Her doctoral research explored the influence of bilingualism on the speech perception abilities of children and adults, and she also studied the processing of accented speech by native and non-native listeners. 

Cynthia is interested more generally in how listeners use variation in language to learn about the world around them. Her work seeks to better understand the variability and challenges listeners face when processing speech in naturalistic (noisy!) conditions. With the Infant and Child Development Center, Cynthia is exploring how infants use the acoustic properties of the speech signal to facilitate cognitive development.


Blanco, C., C. Bannard, and R. Smiljanic. 2016. Differences in the association between segment and language: Early bilinguals pattern with monolinguals and are less accurate than late bilinguals. Frontiers in Psychology 7: 993.