IPR at 50

IPR@50 Conference
Read more about the IPR@50 Conference, its panels, panelists, and the keynote speaker, Matthew Desmond. The conference will take place June 6–7, 2019.

IPR@50: The First Decade (1968–1978)
The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) marks its 50th year in the 2018–2019 academic year. Looking back to its founding, what made IPR the dynamic research hub it is today? Looking forward to the next half century, what of its legacy will shape the path ahead? 

Timeline: IPR's First Decade
Scroll through the history of IPR's first decade with an interactive timeline.

IPR@50: The Second Decade (19791988)
What would moving to new communities mean to people living in segregated public housing? How do crime and the fear of crime change people’s behavior? The researchers at IPR tackled these questions and others in the 1980s.

Timeline: IPR's Second Decade
Chicago neighborhoods became an important research area during IPR's second decade. 

IPR@50: The Third Decade (1989–1998)
In the 1990s, the Institute for Policy Research continued in social science research, changed its name to reflect the Institute's new identity and ambitions, and committed to cross-disciplinary research. 

Timeline: IPR’s Third Decade 
During the 1990s, IPR changed its name and continued researching important social issues such as poverty. 

IPR@50: The Fourth Decade (1999–2008)
In the 2000s, IPR continued its focus on key social policy issues around poverty and crime. During these years, IPR also built on its strong interdisciplinary structure to elevate education policy to a formal research area and launch two innovative research centers.

Timeline: IPR’s Fourth Decade 
During the 2000s, IPR added education policy as a research program and launched two innovative research centers.